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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Starlightsparkles, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Hey! I'm new to the sub lifestyle. My master asked me to create a profile to share with everyone. I love to get fucked and spanked. I hope you enjoy my experiences with me. Here's me to start. :)

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  2. Starlightsparkles

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    My Master said I didn't do enough with my post.....

    I'm a 30 year old sub. I like to share my pictures of my punishments and my enjoyments.
    I'm brand new. Only just began my adventure in December 2011.
    In addition to spanking and fucking I enjoy biting, slapping, starting to enjoy the self torture I have been forced to give myself, being tied up. I love to suck cock and balls.
    I have to take a picture of the day for him each day. I only have to take one but it always ends up being more....
    On the other side of things I like being outside walking trails and taking pictures. One of my favorite pass times.

    Hoping this is suiting what he is asking of me so I don't receive a punishment for not following his instructions well enough.
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    Welcome to the forum! Let me suggest reading the Newcomer's FAQ. It should give you a lot to think about and maybe some ideas for play.
  4. Welcome indeed.. Good luck on your adventure!
  5. Anna2

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    Welcome. I am new too.
  6. Starlightsparkles

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    Good morning!!! Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to be here and kind of excited. I will check out the newcomer FAQ's. Thanks for that. ;) Thanks to you E2D as well. And hey Anna! Its great being new isn't it? I hope you enjoy your time here as well.

  7. This should be a wonderful new experience for you!

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