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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Blue62, Nov 7, 2009.

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    a week ago a friend of mine asked me to be her dommie. She's in a different timezone and withint a day I had to punish her for not sending a email I had asked her detailing her activites with her vibrator (which were not performed in anycase) She's done this before but I found it slightly awkward having to do it, even though it was arousing. I've been roleplaying similar online with other friends, where i usually end up in the sub role and have found betwene the few dominat RP's I have a better time doing the Sub. She's my first real experiance with this so my question is weather it's a natural reaction to be a little awkward or am I just not the right personality to be a dommie?
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    Feeling stiff or unnatural assuming a role does not mean that this is not a part of your personality. I am not the most experienced Dom here, but I can say that in the beginning I was very "awkward" at first. If however you in general find yourself gravitating toward a sub role, perhaps exploring that further would help you make you mind up on the subject. I cannot speak for others but I know that when it comes to whats between myself and my slave we both feel that the role we play is liberating and somehow "right" for us. I have never felt so alive or complete as when I accepted responsibility for the welfare of my dear Cup.

    This does not mean that it wasn't awkward in the beginning. The repression of a lifetime does not just wipe off like a coat of dust on a coffee table. I gather that it can take quite a long time, even years. Keep in mind that there are Switches that can assume either role and you may enjoy both roles as well at different times. Give yourself some time exploring both areas and the right path will become clear.

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