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    This is the first story of this type I've ever written. I like to write, so I thought I would try. It's fairly vanilla, as I'm sorta new to this lifestyle. It's also a little slow going. Let me know what you think. Enjoy. =)

    Her legs quivered as master asked her to kneel in front of him. It had been quite some time since he had taken her; she had a habit of disappointing master lately. He grabber a fist full of her hair and placed her face on his clothed crotch. She instantly felt herself grow wet with anticipation within her white laced panties. She knew that master needed her to be good, as he only requests she wear them when it’s a special day. The scent of her master filled her nose and intensified her growing need to be with him. “You’ve been good today little girl.†Master stated while firmly holding her in place. “

    “Yes sir,†Sate mumbled. Her volume muffled from the shield of her masters covered cock. Sate looked up at him, her green eyes glistening in amazement of her fortune. Master calmly removed his boxers and placed himself in her open, eager mouth. Sate sucked feverishly at his hard prick.

    “Well, it’s too bad that I’ve forgotten to punish you the last few days.†Master said while removing himself and lifting her up, Sate’s eyes grew weary, the unhappiness of her removal was evident. “Assume position little girl.†Sate quickly laid herself over master’s knee. The first slap was the softest; each additional spank had added intensity. She knew better than to make a sound. Master spanked until Sate ass was red and swollen. Master placed her back in the floor and attached her leash. She was led to her room, unleashed and attached to the restraints on her bed. It had been a while since she was in her own bed. Master had taken to having her sleep in his, for his own comfort, not hers. The sight of sate in her white panties and bare chest was a beauty to behold. Master had picked her for her red hair and huge heaving breasts. Her virginal snatch had been an added bonus. As master closed the door and walked away, Sates eyes filled with tears. The repercussions of her actions had caught up with her.

    Master reappeared in her doorway some hours later. Sate awoke from her sleep with the soft voice of her pleased master in her ear. “Good girl, I didn’t hear any noise.†Master unchained her legs and kissed her cheek. He removed her wet panties and spread her legs as wide as possible. He placed his lips on her twat and slowly moved his tongue to the most sensitive spots. Sate got lost in the unusual attention and came without permission. Her bliss was immediately interrupted with a firm slap to her pussy. She could see the growing disappointment in her master’s eyes. Her eyes filled with tears as her hands were unchained and she was forced onto all fours. Master stood behind her as if he planned to penetrate her snatch. The thought was forgotten with the insane force of master’s belt on her twat, ass and thighs. Sate cried out in pain which only resounded with a harder hit. Master struck her until the lash marks were bleeding and he was out of energy. He patted her ass and pulled her panties up from her ankles. She was left to sit in her room and think about her behavior.

    The next morning Sate awoke from her slumber in her own bed, Master standing over her. Not long after she had opened her eyes her master placed his hand on her pussy. He felt the wetness growing immediately upon contact, this embarrassed Sate and Master’s laugh did not help. Master put sate on the floor and bound her hands behind her. Sate opened her mouth as expected. He placed his cock in her mouth. She ravished the times she was allowed to be within its presence. Sate sucked Master as she always did, lovingly and greedily. Master grabbed Sate’s hair and forced himself inside her throat. Relishing these times as well, Sate held his cock in her throat until his thrusts made her gag and choke. Master removed himself and firmly slapped her face, “You do not stop. Do you understand me?†Masters stern manner only made Sate more eager to please, “Yes, sir.†Master then again trust into her throat until she choked and had to be relieved of his actions. Master had her watch as he rubbed his cock in front of her, depriving her of interacting with any part of her body or his. Sate felt the warm stickiness of Master’s cum as it landed on her face and dripped down her chest. Sate licked her lips to savor what she could. She was then made to wait there, hands bound until Master again needed her.

    Over the course of the day Master visited briefly, only to allow her to relieve herself and complete her house work. He fed her once before placing her back in her room to play. Sate was playing with her dolls when Master requested she come into his room. He unlocked her door and she promptly walked into his room without looking from the floor. “Get on the bed, Sate,†Master stated dryly. Sate climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours, her ass towards Master. Master then removed her panties and lashed at her ass with his belt, leaving welts in the place of her soft flesh. Sate whimpered under his hand. The simplest touch felt like an agonizing pain. Master then slipped himself into her ass. The pain of her lashing and him entering her rushed through her. She cried out, only to prompt a smirk from Master. He thrust into Sate with an unusual gentleness only to be interrupted by a powerful thrust that caused her to whither beneath him. Each thrust harder than the last. Masters moans caused Sate to squeal in delight. The pain eventually subsided as Sate directed her attention to Master’s cock moving in and out of her. His pace evened as he reached around to play with Sates clit. Her pussy was dripping with her need of relief. Master played with her pussy, rubbing her clit, moving his fingers in and out of her dripping hole, paying no attention directly to any spot in particular. Master then removed himself from her swollen ass. “You’ve done ok today. Lay back.†Sate lay as master wished, her legs spread for his easy entrance. Master pushed Sates legs to her chest and thrust into her in hard strides. Sate moaned and cried at the intensity. Masters hand around her throat stifled her sounds as she felt the growing sensation throughout her body. She choked out the only thing she was allowed to say, “May I cum sir? Please, may I cum.†“No, you may not.†Master slowed his pace to bring her back down. He removed his cock and demanded she clean her juices from it. Sate licked and sucked the liquid from his hard cock. Rubbing as she went in hopes to receive more of his pre-cum. She sucked until he was satisfied with her efforts. “Cum,†he stated as she sucked, “now.†Sate laid back and rubbed her clit as requested. She had always been able to cum very quickly, so it was no time before she was at the point of release. Master licked her pussy as she came. Master then thrust himself into her satisfied pussy, fucking her hard in deep strides. He came, filling her with his sweet cum. “Eat,†he commanded as he lay beside her. Sate collected Masters cum from her pussy and licked her hand, making sure to lap up as much as possible. “Good girl, now go to sleep.†Sate, feeling overjoyed at her ability to satisfy her Master, feel asleep peacefully, in the comfort of her protector.
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    First story? Vanilla? Slow going?

    No way girl, awesome story!

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    That was really good :)
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    Awh, thank you guys.=)

    I was nervous about posting it. I'm glad everyone liked it. =)

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    Don't be nervous Sate, I want to write like this professionally so I always like to have feedback, and also like to give feedback where I can too :)
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    I've always liked to write. I usually write poems. I'm a very sexual person though, so maybe I'll get better and can put my overly sexual nature to use. heh.

    I had master read it, I think he liked it. All he said was that it was good and he's never putting his penis in my mouth or vagina after it's been in my ass. hah. =P I agree wholeheartedly.hah

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