Kitten's Journey

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    Kitty received a txt while in class, “I hope you are ready for tonight!†it read. Master was warming up. This meant total hell for her pussy when she got home. She didn’t mind it, secretly she craved it. Under Master’s domination she feels safe and loved. She knows that on most occasions that Master was more pleasure and less discipline. On other occasions, when Kitty seemed to have forgotten to whom her body belonged and he got jealous, he would have to retrain her. Those nights could make for slow moving mornings. Master is never abusive, but can get his point across less with his hands and more with his cock.
    When Kitty arrived home she has to unlock the deadbolt and door. As soon as she shuts and relocks the door, Master is standing there. “On your knees.†He requests calmly. She drops to her knees immediately pulling the cock from his pants. She wants it in her mouth so bad. To please her husband, her best friend, her lover, her Master is her only mission. Master allows her a few shallow strokes to lube his cock before he begins to thrust into her throat. He is being rough, he gives her breaks only long enough to catch her breath and he is ramming the head of his cock into her through again and gain. Kitty begins to gag. He will only give her a chance to swallow before stabbing it again. He stops and takes a step back. “Be a good whore and put your hands behind your back.†He requests calmly. Kitty does as she is requested. “Now lean forward on this hard cock. If you move those hands, I will be forced to punish you.†He says, this time a little more demanding. She leans forward, choking on his hard cock. Resting his hand on the back of her head, he begins to thrust his hips. Just when Kitty thinks Master is about to reward her with his hot cum down her throat, he pushes her head off his cock. “Enough for the moment, now let me remind you that you are mine. Your pussy is mine. Your ass is mine. That beautiful cock sucking mouth is mine. I will not share or even entertain the thought that your pussy could ever have another cock. Here are your rules, look me in the eye when I read them to you.â€
    When he finishes her tells her to go shower. She goes into the bathroom and begins undressing. Master comes up from behind her placing a hand on her back and pushes her over. He enters her with his fingers. She guesses 2 but it feels more like 3. As soon as he had entered he left without a word. It is just his little way of reminding her he can and will do with her body as he chooses. She craves moments like that. She loves it when he teases her. She has a deep wet feeling better her legs and a burning deep with her stomach. She wants him so bad.
    When Master hears the shower water turn off, he enters the bathroom. “Master, may I please have a towel?†Kitty asks looking at his chest, she knows better to look him in the eye. “No, put one leg up on the tub, one hand on your pussy, and the other on your tit.†Kitty does as she is told. She reaches down into the fold of her perfect pussy and warmth spreads through her body. Master sees it in her face and his cock grows in his pants. “lick your tit, whore†he commands.
    Master wants to just plunge balls deep into that pussy. But, then she would never learn. She could sometimes be a dumb slut. Oh, and could she bitch. It seemed sometimes he could never do anything right. Well that bull shit was changing. She was doing great but he wanted to help her remember sometimes. She needed some motivation and by golly he was going to give it to her. He hands her the towels the needs. “Wear that dress you wore last night. Get ready.†He requests.
    “I’m ready†Kitty declares as she walks into their living room. Master’s jaw almost hits the floor. She is gorgeous. “Damn, I can’t wait.†Master declares. He leads his sex slave to their bed, bending her over, pulling her dress up pulling her panties down to her ankles. He rubs his cock from clit to ass several times teasing her. “You made me do this to you. You look too goddamn sexy.†He buries his cock into her waiting begging pussy. She screams from a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure. He holds it there. “You are my bitch, that is my pussy. You will obey me tonight. You will act normal.†He stops and begins stroking his cock in that tight pussy. He stops again, “When I give a request you will obey. Do you understand?†“Yes, Master†she replies. He gives her a few shallow strokes then a few more deep and pulls out. Kitty begins to straighten up. “No, I have a surprise for you.â€
    Master takes a towel and gently but firmly dries Kitty’s pussy. He slides an oversized egg into her pussy. He tells her to change her panties and pack a page for the night of everything she was going to need. He reminded her to pack condoms. He pussy was dripping wet again. Suddenly her pussy is vibrating, as soon as it started it stopped.

    Please let me know what you think honesty is key!:devil:
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