"Sex Slave Training"

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    "Sex Slave Training" is a new novel from "Yabba", recently publishing by Strict Publishing International.

    Here's an extract:

    Tad Black positioned himself close between Jackie’s separated thighs to sit on the stool. He put the silver key into the lock, - but before turning it, he announced to the real estate executive, “Remember, you owe me a great deal for being so kind to you. I hope we’re eventually able to dispense with your restraints, and, for as long as you’re here, you’ll want to obey all of my requests without question. Do you think that’s possible?â€

    “Yes,†a greatly perturbed Jacqueline Cass replied softly. She just wished he would stop talking, and turn the damned key in the lock!

    “Say, “Yes, Master!†The Man in Black demanded. “Make me believe you, Jackass!â€

    “Yes, Master,†Jackie replied without any emotion.

    “Yes, WHAT?†The Man in Black asked.

    “Yes, I will obey your wishes. Just get this damned thing off me!â€

    “Try to be civil!†The Man in Black insisted, before offering Jackie a pen. “Sign this document to that effect!â€

    Mistress Jennifer handed Jackie a clipboard that held a single sheet of paper. On it were written the following words:

    There was a space below for the signature of Jacqueline Cass, - but the real estate executive paused to ask another question.

    “What happens if I don’t sign this paper?â€

    “Then, the chastity belt will remain in place, and we’ll proceed with other activities to acquire your total cooperation,†Tad Black mouthed his words very softly, making his message sound even more ominous. “It’s your choice, Jackass.â€

    Jackie looked at the virginal face of Jennifer Hobbs for guidance. If she really WAS her counselor, she needed Jennifer’s advice, now.

    “I strongly recommend you sign the paper,†Jennifer said.

    After Jacqueline Cass had scrawled her signature, a smiling Tad Black removed his gloves, and handed them, with the clipboard and pen, to Jennifer Hobbs. The Man in Black smiled and flexed his hands, as if in anticipation of what was to come.

    Jackie noted that Tad Black’s fingers were festooned with various rings. His hands looked strong, as if she was a pianist, or a sculptor, perhaps.

    “All right, now that we’re in agreement,†Tad Black smiled, “let’s have a look at your chastity belt. How long has it been installed?â€

    “About four days,†Jackie replied with some annoyance. She wished the Man in Black would just get the damned thing off and be done with it!

    “Four days?†Tad Black exclaimed. “That’s no time at all. I’ve had certain females under my charge who have been sporting locked chastity belts for several weeks. One of them is approaching seven months without having any penetrative sex! Isn’t it great?â€

    “What’s so damned great about it?†Jackie replied. “Those women must have been volunteers. I didn’t agree to have this chastity belt put on me. My husband just did it without my permission.â€

    “He had good reason, obviously,†Tad Black smiled softly.

    “Reason? What reason?†Jackie wanted to know.

    “Didn’t you read the brochure and other information that came with your chastity device?†Tad Black asked. “The papers clearly state, ‘This chastity belt is used to control sexual activity due to self-abuse, infidelity, or any other misbehavior. When properly installed, the chastity belt will cause TOTAL DENIAL OF ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY for the wearer!’ What could be clearer than THAT? YOUR crimes come under the heading of “other misbehaviorâ€!â€

    “Well,†Jackie Cass replied, choosing her words carefully, “I think I’ve suffered enough.â€

    “Have you really?†Tad Black interjected with mocking laugh. “Believe me, little lady, you don’t know what suffering for a woman can be, yet!â€

    Jackie decided not to say any more to further aggravate the situation. She just wanted the chastity belt removed, and here she was, just a key click away.

    “All right,†Tad Black announced while flexing his fingers again. “Lie perfectly still until the belt is completely off. Jennifer, fasten her wrists to the table.â€

    “My wrists?†Jackie exclaimed. “Why my wrists?â€

    “Does your ridiculous mouth ever stop asking silly questions?†Tad Black’s voice growled angrily. “I’m getting SICK of listening to you!â€

    The Man in Black was suddenly searching through a near-by drawer, as if looking for something. He came up holding a red ball gag.

    “If there’s any more of your foolish jabbering, Jackass, this gagging device will go into your mouth!†Tad Black threatened. “You must learn to control yourself! Keep QUIET!â€

    After his warning, the Man in Black slowly reseated himself on the stool. The goose-necked lamp was moved into position between Jackie’s thighs for better viewing of her crotch.

    Tad Black paused for a moment to put on a pair of reading glasses before he finally turned his full attention back to Jackie’s chastity belt.

    With his glasses on his face, Jackie thought Tad Black looked like a scholarly professor, as he paused to do a cursory inspection. Jacqueline Cass never felt so exposed or naked in her life than, while under his scrutinizing gaze.

    “I haven’t seen a chastity device quite like this one before,†Tad Black said, almost to himself. “It’s ingenious in its simplicity. I like the way the restrictive band circles the female’s hips, and holds everything securely in place. See?â€

    An interested Jennifer Hobbs moved behind Tad Black to peer over his shoulder, and the two individuals held an impromptu discussion on the merits of this particular chastity belt. Meanwhile, Jackie Cass lay there silently fuming.

    “It looks remarkably efficient!†The younger woman agreed.

    “There’s absolutely no possibility of escape from this device,†Tad Black agreed, “unless the female has the key, - or if she becomes desperate enough to try removing it with dynamite!â€

    The two dominants who had been peering closely at Jacqueline Cass’s exposed crotch both broke into laughter at Tad Black’s spontaneous quip. All this occurred while Jackie continued to fume. Why did they not just get on with removing the damned chastity belt from her lower body???

    “That’s hilarious,†Jennifer Hobbs remarked in turning her smiling gaze directly toward Tad Black. Had she been more observant, Jacqueline Cass would have probably have noticed Jennifer’s facial expression was filled with undisguised admiration for the Man in Black. She even kissed him lightly on the cheek to show him her unmistakable devotion.

    Meanwhile, Jackie continued to be totally embarrassed about the ongoing incident. Here were two individuals she did not even know - a man and a woman - who were inspecting this foreign device installed in her naked crotch. And they were also speaking together as if the rest of Jacqueline Cass did not even exist! Jackie’s feelings of self-respect were naturally being crushed, along with any remaining vestiges of her feminine pride!

    When the light-hearted frivolity and secret whispers eventually subsided, Jackie finally heard a sharp click, and the sections of the chastity belt easily came apart. The confining belt was finally OFF!

    The female real estate executive heaved a huge sigh of relief, and immediately began thinking of her next move. Jackie wanted out of this damned place, of course, and away from this awful man who called himself Master Tad Black!

    The mysterious and aggravating dominant male had Jennifer Hobbs put the pieces of the chastity belt safely aside with the comment, “We may need this chastity belt again, depending on the future behavior a ‘certain†individual’.â€

    At his words, Jackie confidence wilted a bit more. Tad Black looked into the eyes of the real estate woman to see if she understood the meaning of his message. Then, with a taunting smile, he turned his attention back to Jackie’s naked, fully-exposed crotch.

    “Does THAT make your poor cunty-poo feel better, Jackass?†The Man in Black asked, and he reached to touch her exposed female flesh. “Are you happy to be free of it? Hmmmm?â€
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    Jackie murmured uneasily as Tad Black’s fingers brushed idly through her pubic hair and against the sensitive skin of her sensitive wrinkled flesh. Very quickly she was made to realize the helplessness of her present situation. Because of her restraints, the Man in Black was free to do to her just as he wished.

    “Does your cunty-poo feel better?†Tad Black asked again.

    In response, Jackie stated emphatically, “I’d like up off this table, now?â€

    “In a moment,†Tad Black replied, in removing the eyeglasses from his face. “Don’t be so damned impatient! I want to write a report about this incident, but first, I’d like to know how it feels to finally be free of your chastity belt. Tell me!â€

    “It feels - good,†Jackie murmured.

    “Well, that comment doesn’t tell me anything,†the Man in Black frowned. “I want to know if you’d like to get yourself off, - now that you’re free of the device.â€

    Jackie was deeply embarrassed at Tad Black’s prying words, and she hesitated in answering. How could she cope with this infuriating male, and especially in this highly unique situation?

    “Oh, come on,†The Man in Black teased as he continued touching Jackie’s most intimate flesh. “Don’t be so bashful. You can tell me anything. Remember, I’m the man who set you free from that “awful†chastity belt. Don’t you want to be friends with me? Your cunty-poo does! Look, it’s already starting to get wet.â€

    Jacqueline Cass hardly noticed Jennifer Hobbs had stepped away from the table, to disappear into the shadows along the wall. But it was true! In spite of Jackie’s diverse feelings over this bizarre confrontation, she was getting juicy wet down in her exposed crotch. Of course, it was because the mysterious male sitting there was stroking between her restrained thighs. He was sexually massaging her, and Jackie was unable to do anything about it!

    “Look how excited you’re getting,†Tad Black smiled, while briefly showing how wet the tips of his fingers were getting. “Four days and nights is a mighty long time for a woman like you to go without “getting offâ€, - especially for a habitual, masturbating bitch like you, - isn’t it? I think you’d love for me to help you “along the wayâ€, wouldn’t you?â€

    Jackie Cass did not know how to respond to this quickly developing, unexpected state of affairs. Part of her was reluctant to acknowledge her true feelings, but as the uninvited caress continued, - two deeply thrusting fingers, now - she unconsciously began wanting more of Tad Black’s reciprocating hand movement.

    The Man in Black suddenly paused to spit a large glob of saliva to his fingers. He applied it to Jackie’s moistening female flesh, as Jennifer Hobbs smiled in the background. Without pausing, Tad Black worked the mixture round and round, in and out, to create a slick, stroking effect with his busy fingers.

    The female real estate executive was also treated to a sly wink and a taunting airborne kiss from Tad Black. As they went along, it was becoming very difficult for Jackie to resist his intimate overtures.

    Having little choice, Jackie’s hips quickly fell into a rhythm with Tad Black’s educated stroking, and her entire body was soon throbbing with increased excitement. Tad Black even loosened the straps on Jackie’s thighs to allow her more freedom of movement.

    But Jackie noticed, as they went along, the Man in Black began caressing her much too gently, and his in and out finger motions were also slowing from there fast pace.

    It was when Jacqueline Cass’s face began to redden noticeably that Tad Black’s caressing completely stopped. His accommodating hand came away from her responsive flesh to poise a tantalizingly just few inches away.

    Jackie’s emotions felt ready to explode. She desperately wanted Tad Black to continue, and she thrust her hips upward expectantly, as if trying to jumpstart Tad Black’s stalled stroking.

    “I think that’s enough for now,†Tad Black smiled. “My fingers are getting tired. Besides, I think you take too long to do your silly, orgasming thing! A woman like you should be able “get her cookies†in less than thirty seconds after initial contact. Remember that in the future!â€

    A greatly disconcerted Jacqueline Cass was totally bewildered by Tad Black’s words and his deeds. She had foolishly trusted the mysterious male to take her all the way on her first sexual journey in over four days. But now, he was apparently going to leave her excited passions on pause: aching and bewildered.

    What an awful predicament for Jackie. The effect was made even worse as she saw Jennifer Hobbs smiling at her from her chair against the far wall.

    “Look at her body twitch,†Tad Black said aside to his female assistant, “I think she’s fallen in love with my fingers. Haven’t you, Jackass?â€

    An emotionally withered Jacqueline Cass had no answer for Tad Black’s rude remarks. She could only agonize from internal discomfort, and try to endure the emotional upset he had created, as best she could.

    Without warning, Tad Black suddenly clutched at Jackie’s abundant growth of public hair and twisted it very tightly. Her body jolted to immediate, wide-eyed attention.

    “Are listening to me, Jackass?†Tad Black hissed. “I’m all through with helping you try to get you off! If you’re a good little girl, I may give you another opportunity to “get your cookies†later, but you’ve got to learn to be more responsive whenever I attempt fingering you to orgasm.â€

    With that said, Tad Black stood up from his stool, but he still clutching tenaciously to Jackie’s growth of public hair. The Man in Black actually lifted upward, and held his grip even tighter. Meanwhile, a tiny smile appeared on his face, while a pained and fearful Jackie Cass felt suspended in time.

    “Mistress Jennifer and I are going to take a break now,†Tad Black casually informed Jackie. “You lie here and think about what I’ve told you: thirty seconds is all a woman like you should ever need to get off, - and not a second longer! We’ll be back later, Jackass. You be ready to fully cooperate, or the chastity belt will go back on!â€

    Tad Black suddenly released his tenacious hold, and Jacqueline Cass’s slender, quaking hips were able to sink back down onto the delivery table. She was pained, perplexed, rather exhausted, and did not have a clue about how to cope with this rude, demanding, nerve-wracking male. Obviously, he was not going to be out of Jackie’s life any time soon. Could she survive any more of such an ordeal?


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