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    "Robert North PT. 1.1"

    Non-reported log Virginia State Trooper Robert North. 

    It was 2am and I was pulling radar on Tussah road in southern Virginia. I preferred the old country road. Very little traffic during the overnight shift. All you're gonna get is a few people taking the turns too fast and maybe a collage kid or drunk driving on a party weekend. This was Tuesday. I could sit back here in my squad car, behind a shade tree all night and not see a single car all night. You'd be surprised, but after dealing with a couple domestic abuses and chasing down a potentially rabid dog; sitting in the car playing computer solitaire can be pretty relaxing. 

    Then I saw it. A silver BMW headed westbound taking a turn way too fast. The gun said 74 and this road was 50 from Lynchburg to Richmond. Luckily the performance of the BMW can handle the turns but still it's way too fast and I'm required to investigate. 

    I flipped the lights, turned on the camera, and trailed. Still it took about a mile before the driver began to slow down. After a few blast of the siren it pulled over. I radioed the vehicle into dispatch, make/model/DC tags, and the operator give me a time stamp a minute later. I grabbed my patrol cap and put it on drill sergeant strait. After stepping out of my car I did my trooper strut up to the driver side of the vehicle. By the book I touched the trunk to place my finger print stamp so that in case something happened a forensic team could prove this was the car I stopped. As always, I approached the window with caution and my booming voice said, "license and registration."

    In the car was a young girl, about 20 something, a real daddy's girl blond hair some legs and perky tits. I could smell the snooty rich girl attitude coming off of her. Call it officers intuition, but I knew this was going to be a rough stop. She was still on her cell phone when she rolled down her window. Another violation. 

    "Ma'am, please get off the phone." I said. 

    She continues to talk away on her phone, probably to a friend, as she fidgeted in her glove box. 

    "Ma'am," I said

    "Give me a fucking minute," she shot back. Then she continued on her phone. "this fucking cop pulled me over. What an ass hole."

    In Virginia, anything over 15 is an automatic ticket with aggressive driving. I could have given her a break on the cell phone violation but not now. She sloppily handed over a registration card and her license still never making eye contact. 

    "Do you have insurance on this vehicle?" I asked. She fumbled through the glove box again and flips me an insurance card. "Do you know why I pulled you over Ms..." I read her license, "Carper?"

    "Do I fuckin' care?" was her response. "Give me a fucking ticket so I can get the fuck out of hillbilly town and get home."

    I walked away then and let her steam away. I thought, 'little girl will get what she wants then.' Her accent was Massachusetts, I'm pretty good at accents. Her license was D.C. Probably a Georgetown college girl going to one of the concerts at Richmond. Everything checked out with her and in the computer; Only 2 other speeding tickets, no warrants, the car wasn't reported, no smell of alcohol, her speech was regular and I didn't see any haze in her eyes rather than her hate for me. Just a brat doing whatever she wanted. The registration and insurance had a mans name on it and her last name. It was probably daddy's car. 

    After doing all my checks for about 15 minutes I walked back up to her car. She was finally off the phone and she started yelling as soon as she spotted me in her mirror. "Holy fuck. What the fuck is taking so long?" she screams out her window. "Look you fucking loser. I got a life. Can I get my ticket so you can go back to stuffing doughnuts a jerking off behind that tree you were hiding behind?"

    I kept my cool for the camera. I really started to notice her legs at that time. I noticed her blouse was pretty low cut and she wasn't wearing a bra. This girl really needs to be put in her place but a ticket an a fine wasn't going to do it. Staying professional I said, "Ma'am this is your ticket for speeding. 74 in a 50. That's 24 over. Also in Virginia it's illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone without a hands free device and you received a ticket for that too."

    "Whatever," She replied. 

    "Please sign here Ms. Carper." I pointed at the signature line and she did. I pulled off her copy and said, "This ticket includes a mandatory court date for reckless driving and that date is at the bottom."

    "I gotta go o court for this bull shit?" she yelled. 

    I said, "yes ma'am. Have a good night, please slow down and drive safely." I was kinda proud at how professional I stayed as I walked back to my car. She hadn't waited for me and pulled off before I sat down. I called an all complete into control, turned off my camera and siren before I started my hand report of the simple traffic stop. I felt bad that this girl wouldn't learn anything but I did my job and that's all I could do. I once thought maybe the badge could help me help others but most of the time I deal with the worst of society and most of the people will be stuck being bottom feeders or ass holes.

    After a few minutes of doing my report I saw headlights coming back at me. It was her again. The BMW pulled up to my car nose to nose. I jumped out of my car with my hand on my pistol. She jumped out too.

    "$1500 you ass hole" She crossed the cars to walk to me. "you wrote me a fucking ticket for $1500?"

    I know what she was thinking. She was hoping to just pay the ticket, go to court, an keep daddy way out of it. But she didn't have the cash to do it. Daddy was going to get a call for this. "Ms. Carper, please calm down."

    "You have to take this back!" She pokes me in my vest repeatedly with her finger. 

    "Please don't touch me ma'am." I told her. Then she slapped me across the face and she must of had a ring on backwards because it cut across my cheek drawing a thin line of blood. 
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    "Robert North 1.2"

    Well, that's when I'd had enough. I twister her tiny weak wrist and spun her around. I pulled out my cuffs and in two quick flips I had her restrained. I bent her over the hood of my car and said, "bitch, you cut me!"

    I don't know why I lost my professionalism. It's like a switch just flipped in me. Then I glanced at her long legs all the way to the ground and noticed for the first time Ms party girl was wearing heels. My mind went to her breast on the hood of my car and how uncomfortable it must be for her nipples on my very hot hood. The car had been running for hours and added to the humidity outside the heat must be miserable. I don't know why my mind lost it. I had a sexual desire at that moment that I'd never felt before. It really scared me. 

    She didn't move when I bent her over. She was stunned and all she could do was squeal. The silence didn't last for long though. As I was trying to compose myself she said between her teeth, "Let me the fuck out of these."

    "You're under arrest for assault Ms. Carper."

    "No I'm not! Let me call my daddy you ass hole. You have to let me call. Give me my cell phone!"

    She kept rambling and carrying on, but there it was. Her daddy. Without thinking I slapped her ass and she screamed, "what are you doing pervert?" she screamed. 

    "What your daddy's been needing to do bitch!" I hit her again and hard. I looked back to my windshield to make sure my camera was off. It was so I slapped the bitch on the ass again and she screamed. "Your daddy isn't going to help you all the way the fuck out here, bitch. Now do you know why the fuck I pulled you over?" My voice was booming and I was yelling at her. 

    "B-b-b-because.." she stuttered

    "Shut up!" I cut here off. "I'm done trying to get it through your thick skull. You need to be taught some manners, you know that?"

    "Y-y-yes sir, officer..." she cut herself off. "If you let me go, I-I-I'll suck your cock."

    "Shut up! No, you need to learn respect. Your not gonna get you way this time, bitch. Sucking cock won't get your way, not this time." I slapped her ass hard again and my hand slipped down to the bottom of her skirt. I raised it up and looked at her fine ass. The little slut wasn't wearing underwear either.

    I pulled out my baton. We don't have the old thick nightsticks anymore. We have the newer ASP collapsable batons. I kept it condensed and I put it up to her ass but not penetrating her rectum. "Does your whore ass feel that?"

    "Y-yes sir, I mean officer" she said weakly. It's trooper, but I didn't need to correct her of that. She was terrified now. 

    I pushed the baton up her dry tight ass hole. It was really tough because of how dry it was so I spit in her ass to lube it up a bit. She screamed loud from the pain. Even in these backwoods areas sound travels for miles and I knew I was going to have to shut her up. I grabbed some duct tape out of my car and tore off a couple of pieces. I taped her mouth shut and proceeded to shove the baton further up her ass. All she could do was grunt and push her forehead into my hood. 

    After the baton was secure in her tight dry ass I spun her around and sat her ass on my hot hood. Tears were coming from her eyes. I grabbed her breast. Her nipples were rock hard and hot from being on my hood. I looked into her eyes and she finally looked into mine. "Are you going to be more respectful now?" She nodded. 

    I thought I needed to end this before a random car came by and saw me. I leaned her back on my hood and flipped her legs up. I ripped the baton out of her ass and she groaned loudly from the pain. Her eyes were fully closed and she was still crying but harder now. I took a good look at her sweet pussy while I had her in the position. I looked down and saw that I was wrenching her wrist behind her back in the handcuffs were in an awkward position.  

    I pulled her back upright and ripped the tape off of her mouth. 

    "P-p-please..." she stammered. 

    "Stay shut up bitch" I cut her off. 

    "But sir" she whispered. "I wanna fuck you. I want you to slap my ass and fuck me."

    That crazy bitch was actually getting turned on. What the fuck was this? The expression on my face must have been dumbfounded. A switch must have snapped in that stupid blond head too. I spun her around bent her over again. After a few healthy slapped on her ass for good measure I stopped. 

    "No," I said, "your disrespectful ass doesn't deserve to get what you want. I wouldn't give you dick on a prayer. Maybe next time I stop you you'll think of being a little more respectful bitch."

    I undid her cuffs and noticed the bruising on her wrist. They were going to take a while to heal. I let her go then got in my own car and pulled off. 

    I was sweating and a lot scared. Was she going to try o turn me in? Maybe there'd be an investigation. No physical evidence really. Unless the blood from my cheek got on her. That I worried about. I should have checked better. But other than that it's just my word against her. I'd say she beat herself up or her boyfriend. Investigators believe and take care of state troopers. 

    Maybe she really was turned on. She might be speeding all over the state trying to get another night like that. She might be coming back down my street. If she does though; no mercy next time. 
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