Love and Trust

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  1. Boundperil

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    Love and Trust
    Two words that should run together, but do they?

    Sure, you can say you love some one, but do you trust them? Do you trust them to do the right thing, to truly look out for your safety, your well being?

    I asked that to myself, does my Lovey truly trust me? I believe she did, but I tested it, for us to advance further, she needs to know that she can trust me, no matter how scared she is.

    She had made some errors over the past week and they added up to three. So, we had three punishments coming.

    Dressed so lovely in white hose, 4 inch heels, and bra, I tied her wrists in front of her, then her knees together. She hobbled over to where the hook was hanging from the ceiling in the next room. I pulled her hands high above her, stretching her reach, then slide a cookie sheet under her feet. She had a hard time with that, but so nice to see her struggle (I'm so evil :D)

    Producing a brown paper bag, I took out four old light bulbs and asked her how many mistakes she needed to be punished for. She said 1, but I honestly don't think she remembered from a few days before. I advised her three, then placed three of the four bulbs back in the brown bag and placed that bag into a ziplock.

    Taking a small hammer, I pounded the bulbs so they all broke inside the bag. From there, it was time to take away her sight and I blindfolded her. Rubbing my hands over her body as I poured the bag around her feet.

    Then I lifted her one foot, leaving her to balance on the other as I slide off her shoe.

    That is when the panic began. I guided her foot back down to the cookie sheet, placing her foot in the same place it had been. Then I took off the other shoe and repeated.

    Now, if she moved around at all, she would step on the broken glass. Well, what she thought was broken glass, because while she was blindfolded, I reached under the bed and pulled out a pre-positioned bag of crushed potato chips and poured them around her feet.

    When she began to shift, she felt what she thought was glass. She began to cry and beg to be let go.

    I scooped some up and placed them between her breasts as she shivered and cried out. Then I removed the blindfold.

    She looked down and then at me. I was so hard at this point, she looked so beautiful. I cut her loose and advised her to not bring any chips into the bed.

    After cleaned her feet of any chips, she also cleaned out between her breasts...she's learning ;)

  2. Darktruth

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    Intresting idea Boundperil, very well thought you. :D
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Great scene. I heard a similar story involving a sub hanging in a net over what he thought were broken beer bottles. The dom was slowly cutting the lines holding the net up.
  4. L8NightQ

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    Wrote something else first, but then I read your blog.

    I like. Like your relationship, but still question the love trust thing. I don't think she had a choice considering the perceived reality of the situation.

    What was her afterthought?
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  5. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    Its like that old haunted house trick with the "eyeballs" that are actually peeled grapes!!

    only like, a hundred times more interesting!!
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    L8, I noticed that you edited out your comment about that sort of scene not being for newbies. Why? I thought it was a good point. Bound's scene is great, but it shouldn't be imitated by doms who haven't built up some real degree of trust with a sub. A moderate-level mindfuck like that isn't a first-time scene.
  7. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Thank you Seb - I changed it because after I wrote my comment and viewed it, I couldn't seem to get comfortable with it. My first impression was that he was not pleased that she didn't trust him more, but when I went back and read it again, then went back to his blog (which I have visited before), I understood his relationship better. They're very close, and this is a long term commitment.
    So.... I just couldn't say what I wanted without seeming overly critical, so I killed it.
    I liked the scene, and it's not something unlike I have done or would do.

    What worried me was that it was about the scene. Good.... but with the kind of sheer panic that she seemed to be in, I just couldn't understand the link between her grave fear, and the love/trust thing.

    Aside from that, just as you said.... I have a real concern for the things that we older "vets" write about, that are read by our much younger and less experienced "Dom's in training".

    A scene like that is a pretty advanced one, and works well only if the couple has been through lots and lots of other, lesser scenes that slowly build the confidence of the sub.
    Without that, this "Mind Fuck" is exactly that, and it is more cruel than anything else, but with it, it's not.... It's all part of the world we create for each other, and totally acceptable.

    I will say it again though - A scene like this is not for young relationships. It's an advanced scene and requires a Dom who has a firm handle on all aspects of what is likely to happen, and what could possibly happen with all those elements going on at the same time.

    I wanted to know how his partner reacted afterwards. I wanted to know if she, in her panic, used her safe word.... and if she did, did he give her an out.
    My confusion was with the "if you love me, then trust me" part when he made the scene so real that primal panic ensued.

    Mind Games can greatly assist in taking a sub over the edge and we use them all the time. Mind Fuck can take you over the edge a different way and create lasting anxiety issues if the sub is not ready for what you're doing.

    BP - I meant what I said in my final comment. Liked the scene, just don't want anyone to think they can just jump into that level right away. When you tie a woman up and make her truly helpless you have to watch out for her..... The whole hurt but no harm thing. I believe that you already got it. Just want to make sure they get it.
  8. Boundperil

    Boundperil Member

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    She didn't use her safe word, though she could have, there is always an out with no punishment for that. You are right, this is not a beginner step, but we have been together for 20 plus years. There is a certain level of trust all ready there, just from our marriage, kids, life etc.

    I might not have made that clear enough, my bad. With that, she knows that I would never hurt her, but it is a 'mindfuck' type thing. My goal was for her to have a level of panic trust, if that makes sense?

    We've been talking about situations of 'safe danger' for years, so in the back of her mind, she knew she would be ok. It is an advanced level, I wouldn't have done this with a sub who was this new if the other history wasn't there. I felt confident she was good to go with this level, but like you stated, not for the newbies out there. And she is one tough cookie, I know that, because of long life together.

    We did talk about it, said her feelings were mixed. She knew that I would never hurt her, but that an accident might happen, which is part of the trust. This is the first step to other things.

    For right or wrong, I push a little then pull way back. Then push a little, then pull way back. It has seemed to work for me over the years with many subs, no issues. This is also not a 24/7 deal, but a bedroom one with over reaches into our daily lives.

    And for the record, she told me this the other night, she knew it was potato chips somewhere in the middle of it, she can't pin point it, but she smelled them. Vics under the nose next time LOL

    Hope that answers everyones questions?
  9. Boundperil

    Boundperil Member

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    I meant to say thank you last night. When she said she would submit to me, I wanted to scream it from the roof top, but still needed our privacy. That is why I started the blog, I had to brag some how LOL.
  10. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    BP -

    You have what so many of us wish for.
  11. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yes, let me echo L8's sentiment. I envy that sort of solid, long-term relationship with such ability to experiment and explore. Very inspirational.

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