Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by bottomisbest, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I have an interesting question. I got handled by my mistress the other night and pulled something new out. She left me hands cuffed behind my back with my legs completely spread eagle. My ball gag still in I see her come out with a dildo. My first thought was what is this? I had to quickly get over it as she had already had removed my gag and had me on my knees. She stands above me in the black 8" heels and says (now you suck my cock! I was a little stunned at first and worse was that she knew. She then smacked me in the face and threw another new toy into the mix. My first time ever using a butterfly gag. She through it in my mouth and fastened the back buckle. She then grabbed my hair, pulled it back & told me to stick my tongue. I do as she says. She stuffs the dildo in my mouth and begins to literally skull fuck me. I am enjoying how aroused she is getting her & for some reason me to. She then bends me over and begins to tie me down hard. I mean hard. I have never seen this side of her. She then slips a plastic bag over my head and fastens it around my neck with a 4" posture collar. It was hard to breathe but I had never been more excited. Without realizing what she had planned next. I could tell she applied much lubrication. I have never had butt play so I had no idea what it was about. My girl fucked me hard with a 6 1/2" dildo. And I loved it. I never came so hard in my life. My questions is does anyone else get fucked by their mistress? Do you like sucking on a dick when your mistress is wearing it? I don't know why I found it so hot. I think I am totally a bottom for life with this woman. Last it weird that I liked it? Take Care
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    No it's not weird that you like it I think she hit your prostate thats why you came so hard
    It's common for mistresses to use dildos,strapons on their slaves ;)
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    bb - Glad you're having fun, but read up on breath play. We have at least one post in the FAQ post in this section, or just do a search on breath play here.

    With all this enthusiasm, I'd hate for you to wind up dead.
    I'm sensing a trend towards very advanced and very dangerous play with you, and while you have a right to do what you choose with your Mistress, I worry about others that read this and what they might do with it (without really understanding both sides of the action).

    Do I think it's weird that you like it (or anything else you've posted)?

    My opinion won't make you like it any more or less. I'm not here to judge you.

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