Looking for an online female to control.

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    I am looking for an online female to take on and control some or all aspects of your life. This type of relationship should be not considered lightly and only taken on if you think that you can commit to it.

    I have worked with different woman over the years, mothers, wives, students, business woman. With each one of them, the types of control that I had over them were different. For some it was just limited to sexual aspects like orgasm control, how to masturbate or how to give or receive sexual pleasure from others including there partners.

    For other woman, it was stuff like having a schedule to live by, day in and day out. These schedules varied and had included stuff like when to get up and go to bed, when and how to wash, when they had to do stuff for others (most of the time the others were family members or partners), when they must leave the house for work and when to return for example. They completed day to day chores making sure that they were completed the way that I liked. How they will be dressed, day in and out, while making sure it is suitable for there minimum requirement. Any area could within a woman's life can controlled, money, if and when they may go out, helping others, giving tasks to complete or decisions made. The list is endless, but it does take time to take any desired control away from you.

    With any woman that I take on, I work with them to make sure that whatever control they give me. It is used for good, if they have any family or friends. Over time the only different they might see will be for the best I hope. How you are more relaxed, how chores are done better, how you please others etc.

    I been an online owner for over eight years, and I enjoy this type of BDSM relationship where the females have given me control over aspects of their life's. I find that over time, as I get to know them. I can find out what makes them tick, and get to see a side of them, that not a lot of people might see. The side where they need a release from being in control of there own life's for different reasons. The most enjoyable aspect, knows that they are freely giving themselves over to me and letting me receive pleasure and knowledge that a lot of people does not see.

    If you are interested, please PM me or contact me at [email protected].


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