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    Hello, I am searching for a female slave of any age and they can
    live anywhere.
    I recently got into domination and I want to see what's all out

    What I'm Looking For:
    I'm looking for a slave who will be loyal to their master, and does
    what ever he says. But I'm not that type of person to force them to do
    something when conditions are not right, or atleast when I see they're
    not right. They can be a newbie or have experience, it won't matter to
    me cause of the kind of person I am.
    I'm also looking for a slave who has a webcam, digital camera, or even
    a cell phone so we can comminucate(It's a strong want). I'm also looking for a slave who
    isn't scared to share things with their master that they wouldn't
    normally share with people, I keep all things a secret. You can have
    normal conversations with me when you want, and you don't have a
    'schedule', but when I ask something, be ready to do it. I also will
    do things based on your interests, but once in a while I may ask for
    something 'different'.

    Ways Of Communication:
    Well, I have an MSN, Yahoo, Skype, and a cell phone. You should have
    any one of these, infact, could have all four. And also, I do have a
    picture of me so if/when things goes well, you can see how I look too.

    What Kind Of Person Am I:
    Like I said, I am very lean but also strict. Yes, those qualities may
    be very opposite but I use them at different times. I don't like it
    when other people get involved in things they shouldn't, meaning don't
    involve people in conversations we have. I'm very nice and caring
    infact, if you have any troubles with anything, I'll give you advice
    or help. I'm a man or my word to be honest, if I tell you I will do
    something, I will.(Especially with a promise.) So basically, I'll be a
    friend and master.

    Anyone who is interested, email me, pm me, leave comments or replies.

    Thank You
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