I´m looking for a online female sub

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    I´m looking for a online female sub. My ulitmate goal is total control over your life.

    My turn ons are humiliation, and to control you. It´s very important for me not to over step your limits, maybe push them, but never over step them. My limits is your limits, as long as is legally.

    I will like this realtionship to start slow, until we know each other, and then take it from there.

    A example task/dare could be that you have to where no panties and mini skirts, and go down on the street, with a piece of toilet paper hanging from your shoes. When someone tell you about the paper and you get down to remove it, all can see that you have no panties on.

    Other thing´s I maybe will ask you to do:
    1.Send me a daily journal.
    2.Mail me upon waking, with your day schedule.
    3.Make you drink from a bowl on the floor, and send me the pics.
    4.Make small movies for me.
    5.Orgasm control.
    6.Give you instructions how to humiliate yourself.

    It will be ok with limits and stop words.
    Any age, race or size welcome.

    I have a checklist I can send you, so I can se what you are into.

    Something about me: I´m 36 y.o, and work as a (male)nurse. I work 24 hours shift, so I only have to go to work 3 times every 2 weeks, so I have some time for you.
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