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    First of all, I would like to thank you for your time in reading my ad. I know what I am looking for from an on line submissive or slave female is not what a majority would be interested in I am hoping to find the right female to take on teach, and form a long lasting relationship.

    I am a Male Dominant of over a decade experience both on line and in real life. I released my last female a few months ago, after a change in the direction of her life. Before the change in her life, k was a mother and a housewife, who wanted a strong male influence in her life. My influence over time changed how she viewed her life, made it feel complete, giving her structure that she craved and hold her to a higher standard then she could her self. I worked with K, to make sure that her commitments in the vanilla life was balanced with this side. For example she gave up control over her clothing during the day, with the understanding that I dressed her suitable when around her family, how she did the chores around the house, her own sexual gratification (including when allowed to have orgasms) and exploring the meaning of being a submissive.

    I feel ready to start the search for a new female to call my own again. What I am looking for is someone who is willing to give up control over some or all aspects of their life's and looking to improve it too. It can be similar areas to K, like clothing, structure, sexual gratification right through to asking permission to do day to day stuff. This could be if you are allowed out with friends, when to use the toilets etc.

    Taking control away from you, is not an instant thing. Because we both will have to work together, in getting in place the right conditions for you to give it over to me. Over time I hope to get to know you inside out and find out what you get pleasure from, just like you get to know me and what types of things that I would get pleasure from you.

    If you are interested, in chatting with me further about the view of forming a potential relationship. Then please send me a personal message, and tell me more about yourself.

    Thanks again for reading my ad.

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