Life in a 24/7 relationship.

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    I am a male slave living in a 24/7 relationship with my Mistress, and I want to find out about other people's 24/7 lives, to see if mine is similar or different please post back.

    My Life:
    I am in a full 24/7 relationship - I don't have a job, as Mistress has a good-paying job with the Commonwealth Bank. While she is away, I stay around the house and finish domestic chores so when Mistress returns, we can get straight into whatever she wants to to that day. When she gets in, she removes her office clothers down to her leather bra and panties. After inspecting that all the chores are done, she generally calls me in to gve her oral while she relaxes. (Her panties have a zip so that they can be undone without removing them). Once Mistress has relaxed, she takes me into the dungeon, a converted basement, where she does whatever takes her fancy. Her favourites include playing with wax, cock bondage and using a few special 'toys' of hers. I generall am naked around the house, and after Mistress has had her fun and had dinner, I clean up and she decides what to do with me. I generally sleep on a pile of rugs in her romm, but if she is bored, she will call me into bed with her instead.

    I don't have much of a social life, but occasionally mistress takes me to BDSM events. These are generally memorable. Last time, for example, we went to a club in the inner city. Both Mistress's hose and the club had secluded carparks, and her car had tinted windows, so I didn't have to put on any clotes for the trip. Before we left, Mistress attached my leash, a metal ring on a chain that fastens around my cock that she uses to keep me nearby and hurry me up. When we arrived, I found several of Mistress's friends waiting for us. We went into a private room, my leash was removed and I was strapped to a table with a hole underneath my ass. They they used me in all holes, with me giving oral to one while another played with my conck and a third used a vibrator on my ass (that was the reason for the hole in the table). They swapped around and every tiem they had to cum, they went all over me, drenching my entire body. They went for abount an hour, and at the end, Mistress led me, caked in dried cum, back to the car and back off home. At home, she didn't let me remove the cum for a week, so I waws coated in it for ages.

    That is my lifestyle, what about yours?
  2. sebastian

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    It sounds like things are going fairly well. I'd recommend that you ask your mistress to have a bit more of a social life. Slaves often need social support from other slaves and subs, to help them get through the periods when the slavery is a tough haul. Remember that a mistress/slave relationship is still a relationship, and although you're a slave, you're also a human being. Very few people can get all of their emotional needs met from one person, and there are going to be times when you don't enjoy submitting or when the relationship isn't working, just as there are in vanilla relationships. Social support will help you get through those periods.

    So my advice would be to have a chat with her about this issue and ask if she can arrange for you to have some social time with other subs.

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    Dude, that's hardcore o_O I don't understand 24/7 relationships, slavery or humiliation... Or pain play. My BDSM is pretty vanilla, so you can barely tell the difference, I guess.

    Do you feel she loves you? Or is this not a romantic relationship? Does she show you any vanilla-like compassion? I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions... I'm just insanely curious about this.
  4. Smallest

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    Compassion isn't only for vanilla or part-vanilla lifestyles, Bunny.

    Also, I agree with Sebastian, you (maleslave) might want to build some relationships outside of her, or at play parties, or so on.

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    Oh, I should have been more clear- I meant does she often show vanilla type affection. I completely understand she must show some affection. Does she ever stop being your dom for a while to do vanilla thingd? That super of thing. I'm only into very affectionate fatherly domination minus sadomasochism, so I am just extremely curious as to how his kink works, I guess. I did not mean to sound judgmental our ignorant. Sorry if I did:( I understand enough to realize it takes trust and a good bond to do this sort of thing...
  6. subarama30

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    If true slavery is what you were after this definitely sounds like it. I do not understand this particular thing myself but if you are happy then no one can tell you otherwise. It does sound like a very lonely, isolating existence to me however.

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    I hope he returns with replies.. Very interesting!
  8. Knots

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    Me and my girl are very much 24/7, I don't "stop being her dom", but I do do vanilla things with her (E.G. we go to the cinema with my little brother semi-frequently) and show her "vanilla affection".

    I'm not the slave, so I can't describe how "I'd feel about this", but my girl doesn't feel lonely when it's "just us" for extended periods of time, even when she spends hours upon hours sat in a corner whilst I do other things. However, it is indeed often quite "isolating", but (though some slaves might suffer more) many like this, as it gives them a sense of safety and helps maintain a dreamy state of "peace" under the complete domination of another.
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    Hmmm... I would say for mental health reasons, a 24/7 sub should get breaks every six months or a year for a day or more. Not because the relationship itself is unhealthy but because lack of social time can cause a lot of issues, and also to avoid the subs identity (or the doms for that matter) becoming dependant on theirpartner...

    And thank you, Knots. You semi answered my question. Uh, is there a lot of hugging/kissing/cuddling involved? That's more if what I was looking for by saying vanilla affection. (In describing how my bf wanted me to dominate him, he asked I do not kiss him- a lot different tham our day to day interactions... Liking a really affectionate dom I had not realized a lot of subs don't get kissed.)
  10. Smallest

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    For mental health reasons, every relationship needs breaks now and then. It's true that a submissive/slave/whatever and the dom need other contact with the world, but that isn't the same as a break from being in one's role, only a break from confinement. And even that's only if confinement is a part of that relationship.

    I'm also going to add that I don't think vanilla and kink are mutually exclusive, and all of those can be done from a dominant or submissive position.
  11. Knots

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    You can't really have a "break" in the sense you've just spoken about, even if you suspend D/s interactions. That's like a married couple pretending they aren't married for a day; they are really, they're just pretending. You can however, introduce safeguards which make sure the slave's mental health is secured (such as how Sebastian suggested earlier).

    In a 24/7 relationship, being dependent on your dominant is often quite important; indeed, in all pernament relationships, your identity becomes intertwined with your partner's to some extent.

    Yes, lots of slaves have "harsh dominants" This is exactly how it works and exactly what some people wan but this doesn't mean it's necessarily what *you* want, and there is no right way to do it outside of what works in the individual dynamic. Many people who scene (I.E. "I'm only a sub in the bedroom") do suspend "affection" until after-care.

    P.S. For us, it depends. Sometimes yes, other times no.
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  12. sebastian

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    I think it's important to realize that being a slave is, on some level, a fantasy. The modern world (or most of it) doesn't recognize slavery as a legal institution. This means that all BDSM play has to take into consideration the 'real world'. Most slaves will need to have an outside job, will need some contact with family, and so on. Doms need to take precaution to avoid charges of domestic abuse and assault. The master/slave relationship is an ideal that is never really completely achieved (because legally the slave can always leave or say no).

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    I understand that some people prefer harsh doms... thank both of you for the explanations:) I never knew people actually got charged with domestic violence. That's BS! I can abuse my body if I want.

    I would argue that it's extremely unhealthy to lose your autonomy and your identity outside of any relationship. Developmental psych 200 :)
  14. JettOnly

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    Foreverbunny91 I think I tend to agree with you here
    I would have thought that although this might be the fantisy of the sub a dom would be concerened enough about the mental health of the sub to make sure they have some kind of supportive friendships outside of the relationship

    In an abusive relationship a partner sometimes isolates another because it makes it so much more difficult for them to leave if they have noone else to turn to

    Not saying this is in any way abusive - it is clearly consnetual
  15. sebastian

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    Forever, the problem is that a lot of BDSM looks like domestic abuse, and the line can be very hard to draw. You can abuse your body, but legally I can't abuse it even with your consent. In the eyes of the law, a person cannot consent to being beaten. If they could, it would be virtually impossible to prosecute actual cases of domestic violence. In practice, many police officers and district attorneys are reluctant to prosecute either because they recognize the difference between BDSM and abuse or because they realize it is hard to get a conviction without the active co-operation of the recipient. But many things a dom does to a sub are illegal. If you really want to see the risks a dom takes, google 'Oliver Jovanovich'. It's a very ugly case.

    So I think in a 24/7 relationship that it's important for the couple to have period 'equal meetings' in which both can express their desires outside the bounds of dom/sub play. It gives a chance for the sub to renew his/her consent.

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