Butt plug 24/7? advice needed plz!

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Tarynsslave, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Hello all;
    As a symbol and constant reminder of my enslavement, Mistress Taryn has been keeping me permanently plugged for the past month. i go to work and sleep plugged. i wear a medium vented butt plug that is kept locked in place 24/7 with a very secure butt plug harness. It is physically impossible for my butt plug to come out without being unlocked. Mistress unlocks my butt plug harness for two short toilet breaks every day. This has not been uncomfortable in my experience.
    i am beginning to accept the plug as a part of me. i am controlled and rendered helpless all the time, and i love the delicious sense of submission this fact gives me. The butt plug makes me incredibly powerless; i am not even able to use the restroom without permission. Mistress has certainly noticed how much more obedient i am. Without any extra effort, Mistress can humiliate and control me where ever i may be. Mistress' favorite part is that i have no say in the issue.
    For unrelated disobedience issues, Mistress is having me wear my plug for another month or two. Mistress Taryn will be increasing the size of my butt plug as She deems necessary.
    So, what i am wondering is this:
    How long can i be plugged before i am overstretched? two months... six months? a year? i havent had any issues with involuntary relaxation of my anus as of yet. Mistress wants to ensure my safety and give me a reasonable rest period in which i can recover before i start up 24/7 wear again.
    Any information or experience would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. venefica

    venefica New Member

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    i do not think you need to worry, wearing a plug will not harm you no matter how long you wear it as long as it is not so big it harms you. However when you stop using the plug you might have to spend some times training the hole to close completely again, it will close, it is not damaged but it is like hen you wear high heels day out and day in the body adjust and you may need some time getting used to wearing flat shoes again. Good luck.
  3. Gorgias

    Gorgias New Member

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    After reading your message, my Master is considering doing something similar...

    I'm just curious, what do you do when you really have to go to the bathroom, or even just fart? Right now, I don't have a locked harness, and I do have permission to remove it for those purposes... it definitely feels like my ass is trying to push out the plug in those instances, and I'm not sure how painful it would be, or how healthy it would be, if they had to stay in.
  4. ERlC

    ERlC New Member

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    Well done Mistress Taryn, I'm now considering a similar project for my baby.
  5. olinda

    olinda New Member

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    working on year 3

    I thought I would throw in my two cents worth, my owner has kept a butt plug locked up in me for the last two years. You do grow somewhat use to it, only my owner uses different sizes and shapes and swaps them out regularly. I am allowed to use the bathroom every evening at 5:30, and then it goes back in, till bath time and I get one hour with out it at that time. For Thanksgiving weekend I was allowed to leave it out 24 hours. and I might get to for Christmas too. For my Birthday he put in a huge one, it was very uncomfortable. I will say as of now I have had very little problems. none of which causing damage, just some rubbing and chaffing. My owner has informed I will wear a plug everyday forever more. He likes the way it humbles me. He decided that he could train his dogs to wait and go to the bathroom till he gets in from work , so he should be able to train me as well, and the body has learned it will be relieved at 5:30 pm and it will sometimes remind me that it is about time. other then if I am not feeling well I do not want to go or need to go except at 5:30 pm. I guess I am somewhat trainable.
  6. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Thank you for your informative response, i appreciate it. i admire the depth of your submission and devotion to your Master. From my post in September, i have was plugged until mid-Novemeber. Mistress Taryn then granted me a break. This break, although very much appreciated, only lasted a week. For unsatisfactory obedience and service, Mistress informed me that i had to begin to sleep and go to work plugged everyday. She was pleased with the results; any obedience issues of mine literally disappeared within a few days.

    i showed your reply to Mistress about one week before xmas and i noticed that She seemed a bit excited. Nothing much came of it until Christmas day, when i opened up a gift and discovered what looked like a shopping spree at an adult book store. Mistress Taryn had purchased three new butt plugs, a more secure butt plug harness, and a small lake's worth of lube.
    As of now, i am being kept permanently plugged. my harness keeps a medium sized plug securely in place. Mistress grants me two quick toilet breaks and an additional, longer break for a shower/bath. (She'll also allow me to have one more break if, and only if, i wear a larger plug).
    i think it is a good idea that you have that one-hour break. i am working on discussing that possibility with Mistress, perhaps as a reward for obedience and/or good service.
    In all of my experiences to this point, wearing a butt plug 24/7 hasn't been painful at all. A little chafing and rubbing, but thats it. At times, it may get a little uncomfortable. In my opinion, i find my medium silicone plug to be the most comfortable, but the vented rubber plug is the best for going to work because it prevents cramping. i also have a large 'Punishment Plug,' which is a large Doc Johnson plug. It is comfortable for long-term wear, but eventually leads to cramping- which is why Mistress fills me with it as a punishment.

    you totally hit home when you mention how your Owner enjoys how the plug humbles you- Mistress Taryn told me the exact same thing. Its kinda hard to be a douche to anyone when you've got something lodged up your butt. i definitely notice that a butt plug makes me submissive to almost anyone. Without a doubt, it is ridiculously humiliating to have someone control me like this. The plug reminds me how much i need Mistress; i can not even use the restroom without Her permission... i can't even control my ass... talk about helpless...
  7. violet-pet

    violet-pet New Member

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    What is a good lube for long term use of a plug?
    i currently have a water based lube that works great for sliding in, but it dries up during long term use of a plug. i am good for around three to five hours use. Anything past that and it feels like it has stuck to my internal walls. I currently am using a medium Doc Johnson plug.
    The first time i slept with it in overnight, it woke me up twice during the night due to uncomfortableness. The second time, i slept the entire night but it felt like i was ripping out some of my inner wall pulling it out. It was not extremely painful, just uncomfortable and scary.

    Thank you for the help/suggestions.

  8. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    i knew exactly what you're talking about. A dried up butt plug can be downright painful and one hell of a turn off. i used to have that issue until i made a few changes. First, i began eating yogurt and increased my fiber intake to stay more regular. Second, i began to drink water much more often to stay hydrated.
    While my Mistress still has me use a water based lube during the day, i sometimes use petroleum jelly on the plug before going to bed.
    About once per week, Mistress Taryn has me coat my butt plug in Preparation H as a lubricant before i go to sleep. i wake up with a refreshed feeling 'down there.'

    Just my two cents worth. Try them if you so care. Please let me know how they work if you do try them.

  9. hommax

    hommax New Member

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    I know what you mean when you say that " a butt plug makes me submissive to almost anyone" because that's exactly how I'm feeling. I'm wearing my butt plug right now waiting master and wife come back.
    I had my first anal experience very young and everyone was thinking I was gay until the day I meet my wife and we get married. An open bisexual swinging couple, a lot of fun until the day we meet Patrick a very dominant guy that decide to take care of our couple.
    He controls our sex life from A to Z.
    He take my wife for a special party and they leave me alone last night, I know that he will let me lick her used pussy and wearing my butt plug keeps me in mood.
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    hmmmmm..... thoughts are brewing....:eek:
  11. Mr.Dom13

    Mr.Dom13 New Member

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    I love this concept
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