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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by africanlion, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Hi guys
    Newbie here and thanks for letting me join. First off my girlfriend has read the 50 shades trilogy and it seems to have ignited a flame within her which was dormant. Dont worry thats the only mention of the book as i have no intentuion of reading it myself

    However we spoke about it and she wants to try some of the things and wants to be dominated. Eventually she wants to try being tied up, whip and stuff like that. When we had sex recently i spanked her (she had hinted before) and she enjoyed it, i was pulling her hair while taking her from the back and i inserted 3 fingures into her pussy and she went wild :devil: (i had never done that before) so on and it excited her and in turn she was biting my nipples after

    Now she says she wants me to dominate her as well as experiment with bdsm. Naturally she wants me to take the lead and i dont know where to start. Any ideas of gentle way of easing ourselves into it, things we can try, props (for want of a better word). Generally how i can do the above as well as start dominating her in bed and in the relationship.

    Dont know if its important but we dont live together

    I would be very grateful for any suggestions and sorry for mentioning 50 shades as i am sure it will have been discussed to death

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    I suggest you get her to read the few threads we have on 50 Shades, just to get her pointed in a better direction (safe, sane, and consensual things), and that both of you read the FAQ.

    Also, you need to keep communication very open between you two, and remind her that you can't read her mind and need to discuss her wants and limits. Again, reading the FAQ and through any threads that appeal to you will help.

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