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    The dynamics of a Daddy Dom/daddy's girl relationship, is slightly different to a normal Dominant/submissive relationship. There are Dom's, out there that do not agree with this relationship and think that it is a taboo subject. Yet this should not be, because it does not matter on the age or the background of female. It is about the framework of the relationship. As in the name of the relationship it is based around a Parent/child relationship.

    The same principles apply to this relationship, having trust, putting in place boundary's, chats and making decisions and choices after chats with you, teaching them to be good, punishing them when they have been naughty etc. It is the purpose of the Daddy Dom to care and look after their daddy girls.

    Therefore I am looking for a female that would like to become my online Daddy's Girl. You will expect all the above principles, and additional stuff like how to dress, rules like bedtimes, going out etc, bring a balance between your normal and daddy girl's life into a balance and more.

    I am 33 years old, and have been a Daddy Dom for the last five years, and before a proper Dom for eight years. At the moment I do not have a submissive or a Daddy's girl. I am currently looking for a female of any age, of any experience to take on to become mine. When you PM me, I would like you to tell me more about yourself and why you would like to become my little girl.
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