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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Meowth, Mar 21, 2011.

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    My master and i have been upping the pain game these past few months, it's gotten to the point that this week i can't leave the house due to my face being black and blue/swollen, and my neck having hand marks around it.

    We love what we do, but we realise we've delved into the pleasures we can't keep doing. We try and say we've gone too far, but then we give in and go there anway.

    We need an alternative, we know the strangling until passing out has to stop, it's too dangerous, he can't keep punching me in the face because of our lives outside of the bedroom (oh how i would love to be a 24/7 slave...) and of course, i am personally worried about my teeth, hearing and nose etc.

    So, there go our two favourite sexual tendencies -beatings and asphyxiation.

    There's other things we do, binding, whipping, open hand slaps, maybe the odd backhand now, but it's lacking our usual gumption. He wants to cut me, and while i wish to please him, i can't stand the thought of being scarred i have too many already. Not to mention i scar very easily.

    I need to think of something with the same brutality of punching/strangling, but a safer activity. We are mourning our loss.

    I'd love to hear some suggestions.

    (I am the female pet, he is my keeper.)
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    A few thoughts on your post

    1) Punching in the face is not safe. I'm glad you've stopped doing that. Open-hand slaps to the cheek are about the only thing that most bdsmers consider acceptable.

    2) If you aren't comfortable with knife play (which is definitely edge play), don't do it.

    3) My suggestion would be to explore tit torture, genital torture, flogging, and caning. All of those can generate extreme pain, depending on what sort of play you do. Caning can be particularly intense, so if you're looking for extreme pain, that might be your best choice. Just make sure you read up on safety practices and that your master practices flogging and caning on a pillow first.

    4) Another way to generate extreme experience is through role-playing. You may find that scenarios that produce the emotions you want without being so physically rough. You might, for example, play out a scene in which he break into your home and 'rapes' you. Explore the verbal side of things; as he's 'raping' you, have him call you names, tell you he's gonna kill you or whatever. If he's an ok actor, you may get the same thrill without the extreme physicality. Or have him do an interrogation scene, in which he tortures you to get a piece of information out of you (like where you hid his car keys).

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