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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sub4Life, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Sub4Life

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    Hey, the other night me and my Master were playing, and it got really rough, I kept "disobeying" him, and then he would spank me or slap me, but he has never hit my face before, but I think he wanted too because last night he told me if I didn't obey he'd slap me across the face.

    (thats his way of seeing if I am willing. The If you do this I will... and then it's up to me whether I will contue with it or not...that make sense?)

    Well he did, a few times, and while I enjoyed it, I dont think either of us relized how hard he actually hit me, and I have a large bruise on my cheek. I have school, and work, and I need to see my parents soon, and I was wondering if there is any tricks to cover up, or make a bruise go away faster. That may sound stupid but I am desperate, and I dont want people thinking my boyfriend is abusive.

    or atleast, a beleivable way to explain it away. I dont think the "i walked into the door" one will work this time.
  2. subspace

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    It may be too late for this now but if this happens again then next time apply ice to help slow down the blood that's flowing to the area. It also keeps the inflammation and swelling down. Good luck!

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    there are a lot of home remedies for getting rid of bruises that are superficial, like hickies....try alternating hot and cold compresses to increase the blood flow to the area to help heal the damaged blood vessels or put some vinegar water on the area, or witch hazel, etc. Do not take aspirin or naproxen, this will slow down the healing actually and also causes you to bruise easier. There is talk that a herb cream type something or other called arnica does wonders for bruising, hard to say if I believe it though.

    If all else fails, use concealer, blot with powder, add more concealer, blot again with powder, then finish with foundation and powder again. It will feel heavy like stage makeup but if you use the powder between each layer it absorbs the moisture and helps the concealer stay put. This also works for lipstick(I used to dance) using powder between layers would make my lipstick stay for a day and a half almost lol. Also, if this is going to be a new thing you and your Master enjoy, keep ice on hand to apply right away and maybe get some tattoo coverup in case you don't catch it in time. Good luck!
  4. bratty_sub

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    i don't know about your situation specificaly but at hickies i use boiled water with lemon...put compresses on with this as long as it is still hot....and of course lots of make up as bluelagoon suggested...don't use blush though..i think it is going to make it worse at the eye sight....
  5. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    next time wear hockey mask...
  6. kittengrey

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    I never had to deal with bruises; I don't bruise easily and plus master doesn't hit hard enough to bruise. I have a problem with claw marks though. Master's nails are very long and she keeps them sharp.

    But yeah; my best answer would be ice and make up, as was already suggested

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    Sub4Life, was your master wearing any rings when he slapped you? I imagine that this would cause obvious marks :confused:

    As for how to deal with the bruise, I guess just go with the makeup/ice options. When my master and I first started playing, he would often bruise me completely by accident during play/fighting, not by doing anything in particular, but due to his being rather bony. But these bruises only ever seemed to appear on my limbs, so were easy enough to cover up with clothing :)
  8. Sub4Life

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    thanks everyone!

    OLP- He wasn't wearing any rings, but the bruise is like right across my freaken face lol. At work I managed to get people to beleive that I walked into a door in the middle of the night (which i honestly have done,) but I work at a book store and so while I am trying to help people they keep asking questions and it gets kind of hard, but I have managed to get it covered up for the most part. No one has seemed to notice the distinct knuckle shape to part of it. lol (backhand. He really wasnt trying to hurt me, but we were really into it)

    It also seems to be fading, thank God. So I am hoping that it will be mostly gone by the time I go to my parents this firday. *prays*

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    Yeah, we hope it will too, good luck with that :)

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