Hair Pulling Concern, Anything to worry about?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Schmuland, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Schmuland

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    Starters, Im sorry if I post this in the wrong area, Im new here and I just need some other peoples opinions and suggestions :)

    I really enjoy hair pulling and my man really pulls on my hair when he throws me around while whipping me and being very aggressive. I love it but my biggest concern is...
    Will my hair thin out? Will I loose more hair than normal if he continue to pull my hair in our sessions?

    And the biggest question I have is that I want to get hair extensions woven into my hair. Do you think with the hair pulling that would be a bad idea?
    I would ask my hair dresser but I dont want her to know my SM lifestyle and concerns about my hair...haha! It sounds like a little retarded. But I am a girl that dresses up and looks good, I take VERY good care of myself and I live a very healthy life, being a nurse...I kind of have to! However, by night Im a dominating bitch until my man doesn't take any more of my shit and starts to punish me... and one thing he does is pull my hair. I dont want him to stop, but I am concerned about thinning it out, ect.
  2. Roland

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    This is not a question I can answer, but I will say that if it feels good and brings you pleasure, then keep doing it.

    My guess is that you will lose more hair if it is getting pulled often, but most likely not enough to notice. The body is very good at shedding and replenishing hair.

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