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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sub4Life, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    My master wants me to get a tattoo, and while he would want me to get his name, he understand why I am shakey on that subject. We love eachother and are in a comitted relationship, but I dont want to put a man's name on my body...for ovbious reasons and he understood and supported this, even if he was a little grumpy afterwards...

    He wants me to decide, and come to him for permission, (since it will be on my body.) But I am not sure what to get. :(... Somthing that shows his ownership and dominance over me, but nothing in your face you know?

    He is Russian, so I was thinking about somthing Russian themed...I truely have no Idea...any suggestions?

    Mainly though, where? Some where I can hide it, but in a place he can admire it during will be my first (and only) tattoo, and I dont want to mess it up...


    If you need more info, just tell me..
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    'Slave' or 'submissive' in Russian lettering? :)
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    A Dog who is obedient and little. Perhaps having its paws tied with old fashioned rope.
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    My Master and I have been having the same discussion. He has suggested a small tasteful tattoo on my butt where he can see it when he is behind me. It will be easy to cover up (all I'll have to do it put on a pair of panties) but he will be able to see it when he wants to.

    We have also discussed the name issue. Since a tattoo is so permanent we have both decided to wait for a long time, until our relationship has been really tested and proven to be strong enough to last through the worst of it, before we put any mark on me that I may not want sometime in the future. A symbol is one thing, a name is something else completely.

    Hope this is helpful,

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    as much as i agree with you on not putting somebodys name on your body permanently, there is so much grief surrounding it that people dont really weight out the options, i am playing devils advocate btw. yes, you should wait absolutely until you are totally comfortable with the idea without his gentle nudges ;) BUT...worst case scenario, you get it, something happens, you can get it covered. get the lettering small and dainty, nothing huge and chunky...easy to change into something if need be. but i was actually thinking of OLP's idea before i read her post....maybe get a phrase..."I belong to Him" in Russian....or some small token that means something to both of you that you could enjoy even if the relationship dissolved.

    People take tattoos way too seriously...if you get a tattoo with meaning for you, at any point in your life you will not regret it. the placement, maybe. the colors, probably....but it represents exactly what you believed in at that point in time, you should never be ashamed of that, if you change, you can look back and admire your growth. He is your first, if it doesn't work out, He will always be the first. That alone entitles Him to respect and a fond smile at His memory if it came to that.

    Good luck with figuring out what you want! :)
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  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    you mean rab? раб it sucks

    and sub on russian sucks as well покорный pakorni
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  7. SirYakov

    SirYakov New Member

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    On your right cheek, far right, raised high... собственность Яков (Property of Yakov.)
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2009
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  8. J zero

    J zero Member

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    Very well said Blue. i also have a few tattoos, and as long as you are creative with what you get, any unknowing persons wont be able to discern the true meaning of the tattoo, but you and your partner will always share that connection.

    Perhaps also suggest that you both get a tattoo expressing your connection to eachother, that way it is not just a one-way effort, and if the relationship dissolves it wont be only you with a reminder on your body.

    Just my 10 cents ;)
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  9. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I agree with bluelagoon, and i have a suggestion...
    A sickle and hammer, the traditional Russian emblem, shackled together with the name as the chain between the shackles. then if something were to happen, it would be easy to convert the name into actual barbed wire chain links, while still retaining the memory of that period of time in your life.
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  10. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    I decided, that I will put his name on me if it was in Russian. Якова (Yakov ...Jacob)

    So I don't know what to use for a symbol, but as far as writing goes I have a few I'm considering...

    Немного любви Якова - Yakov's little love.

    Яков, немного покорный -Yakov's little submissive.

    владение моего русского -My Russian's Posession. (the Script I am thinking of looks really pretty with this one.)

    I am thinking of more though, some that show more of his ownership..anyway thought I'd share these.

    And for placement, I am thinking of low on my hip, or on my bottom. He likes both, but I am wondering what most Doms would want there mark on there sub?
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  11. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    da nu?

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