Bangladeshi girl died after 100 lashes?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by pepeluism, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Not sure if people here have seen the news, but it was reported a girl in Bangladesh got 100 lashes for something or another and she died because of it!

    I've endured some serious whippings, some that have left many a permanent mark, and the worst I've gotten is some infections here and there and maybe wasn't able to move for a while, but... darned. Actually die from lashes? That had to be the cruelest, bloodiest lashing ever! Or am I missing something? How could that happen?
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    Impact play, if it is done aggressive, absolutely can draw blood, and canes, which is what they were using, and single-tail whips can break skin fairly easily if used aggressively. The girl was beaten on her back and abdomen, and aggressive caning could easily rupture the kidneys, the intestines, and (I think) the spleen, all of which would be fatal if not treated. They also beat her limbs, which could have done serious damage to her joints. If they struck her neck carelessly, they could potentially have broken it or fractured vertibra. Even if they just gave her really severe bruising across her body, it's probably possibly for her to have died from massive internal bleeding.

    Impact play has genuine risks. I think it would be hard for a real dom to actually kill someone with it (unless they were just stupid or totally disregarded safety precautions), but seriously injuring someone is a real possibility.

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