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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by curiousgirl, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    Hello -
    i recently bought my first ever butt-plug. Im rather fond of anal games, so knowing myself its not the last one.
    When i ordered it i was plannig to use it really rarely. Once a month or around so.
    You see, i am just a bit scared that my anal muscles could become quite loosy, and really dont want that.

    Im sure you know Julian snellings jellry-like plugs? I bought one of those, the "large" size. (And red:D looks hot up my asshole:p )
    Im quite sure you all know it well. still, here a pic:

    Its 3 inches(7 cm) in length, 1.1 (3 cm) inches at widest point, 0.3 inch (0,75 cm) stem, weight 6.3 oz (170 g)

    I picked this one couse it looks really hot and pritty (yeah, female resons:p) and it can be worn easily without any kind of harness, even for street, no one would tell.

    Now my problem: Im really taken with this plug, love the weight of (for me its quite heavy, but wearing thongs makes it less "uncomfortable". As i said i planned to wear it rarely... But i do use it rather ofen. Whenever i just feel like, i pop it in, and enjoy. (rather addicted:)) Sometimes i wear it only when i masturbate, sometimes for a few hours only, rarely for half a day. But the more i use it, the more i want it. When im not in the mood i just dont wear it, sometimes thats for days.

    So i would like to ask anyone who has more experience in wearing buttplugs: do you think this size and this regularity of wearing it can cause problems? Of course Im more relaxed when i take it out, but thats to be expected. I just really dont want to loose the tightness of my asshole. Do you think i have a reason to worry?

    Thx for everyone who takes the time to answer.
  2. sexmad

    sexmad New Member

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    loving the picture!
  3. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    I cant belive it... the post got 125 wievs, an this was the only answer... shame on you all, peep. I do understand the forum works slow. But i posted my question a good week ago.
    I do understand that many people have just as much experience as i do (close to nothing:p). but i will not belive that no one has been wering butt plugs regularly. i will not belive no one has any experience at all with them. Im not looking for more of an answer than: "Be more careful" or "dont worry its not too big, it wont harm" or "it changes with everyone what causes harm or not"
    Im quite sure even doms have tried it if not for more but out of curosoty, and any kind of experience/advice is welcome.
    Should anyone take the trouble to respond, im still waiting for an answer.

    BTw sexmad, here is the site of the manufacturer, he has an artistic gallery of all kind erotic jewellery. You may like it. I also have found a short sample video on free site featuring a master frocing one of these plugs up a subs ass - if youre interested i will look it up for you.
  4. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

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    Actually when I saw this thread I'm here for the same reason you are ^_^ Master's getting me one soon and I'm kinda wondering what long term use could lead to... Someone once told me that the anus was like a series of rubber bands, that if it's treated too harshly, they could *SNAP* and you'll be forced to wear an adult diaper forever.

    Oh dear.

    I'm not shore how true that is, but just offering some assurance (hee no pun intended) that if I could help you out I truly would.
  5. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    i wouldnt worry to much about becoming loose. of course after taking it out your going to be loose for a few minutes to an hour depending on size length and weight. i have worn mine for a day and a half to two full days. dont worry about it. just enjoy it!!!
  6. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    littlegirl, dont worry too much about snapping - while it can happen, something lot bigger is needed for that. And as you said hars treeting. (im quire sure your master know how to avoid that)And even if it happens you dont have to wear a diaper forever - they can make an operation and lead the end of bowels out on ones side, so youre carrying it all in a nylon sac. forever.(yuck)

    orindaswat, thx for the answer. I would be interested though, how long ago it was when you got your first plug? Couse im worried about the effect of long term, regular use. Does my plug count as small?(it is heavy though...)
  7. indigo

    indigo New Member

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    Hi curious girl,
    I am new here but had a reply for you. I know of a sub that used a larger plug than that one for 30 min.'s at a time, 3-4 days a week for a long time. He has never had any problem with control down there. I think you are ok, but am no expert.
  8. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Mistress has kept me permanently plugged for the past few weeks. i am finding this tolerable, but i am worried about the same issue: incontinence. If anyone has any advice, please see my post 'Butt plug 24/7? Advice needed plz!'


    Mistress Taryn's Obedient and Collared Slave
  9. gverns

    gverns New Member

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    Lubrication, slow insertion, and a smooth tapered plug no bigger than a turd, and you won't get any bruising or tearing that a forced object rape would cause. The biggest danger is tearing the intestine, so smooth and rounded is the most important part. Too big and you may be causing hemorrhoid problems. If it's not uncomfortable (makes you say "ow") it likely won't cause problems. But I wouldn't tolerate it for more than a few hours.
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  10. olinda

    olinda New Member

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    curiousgirl, I just posted a reply about this on the thread Butt plug 24/7. I am now in to my 3rd year of continuously wearing a plug. If you still have question you can go see it.
    and GL
  11. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    i have had mine for awhile. alot of people freak out when they get the idea of wearing it for extended periods of time. there are exercises that you can do to strengthen ur the anus muscle. this will not only help if your worried about "stretching" or a loose anus. plus u get the same effect of a larger plug while using a smaller plug because your anus will be tighter. again i wouldnt worry about it. have fun. ill tell you what. saterday ill wear mine the entire day and the next morning ill take it out. and ill tell you how long its loose for ok?
  12. Tarynsslave

    Tarynsslave Member

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    Well curiousgirl,
    It has been almost two weeks straight of continuous wear for me. my Mistress has kept my punishment plug (a large doc johnson style butt plug) locked up in me. i am making the best of it, its not painful but it certainly gets to be uncomfortable at times. i have certainly taught myself to make the most of my 2-3 short breaks everyday!
    Prior to this stretch (no pun intended), i was plugged for a month and a half straight and was then wearing my plug to work daily after that, until now. Its not bad, as long as your butt-plug is somewhat soft. i personally prefer to wear my vented Comfort Plug or my medium silicone plug for extended wear. The large plug causes cramping after awhile-which is why Mistress fills me with it. After the second week is up, i may finally move back to a medium plug.. thank god!!!
    i am pretty sure that Mistress Taryn is leaning towards keeping me plugged up permanently because it serves as a reminder of my enslavement that can never be escaped. i am trying to negotiate being allowed a one hour break per day, just like olinda gets. Hopefully that would allow me to avoid the ugly consequences that could happen if i perform kegal-like exercises. Personally, i have not felt any adverse effects yet, although i honestly have not been unplugged long enough recently to really tell. Either way, i am willing to accept whatever consequences there may be; the decision is not up to me anyway....

    Taryn's Slave
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