an issue i have.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by orindaswat, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. orindaswat

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    i find the idea of being fucked anally by a female extremely erotic, but at the same time part of me finds the idea of a real male dick in me almost as desirable. i have never engaged in male on male sex and am open to the idea, however when ever i feel the urge to try male anal i find myself totally capable of it until after i cum. i then dont find it appealing what so ever. what to do?!!?!?!
  2. EZRA

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    the right female makes all the difference and so dose a good strap on.
    In the late 80s( oh god that makes me feel old) I went thought a "gay" experimentation period and found that like you it was ok until the end then I didn't like it any more did not feel close or even liked the person any more so I concluded that I was in-essence just masturbating with help and that It really wasn't my thing.
    This is my expreance and you'll have to relate it to your own.
    Recently my Mistress used a very cool Plug-in on me that I found very fulfilling and enjoyed very much and because of the way it stimulated her she could cum while using it on me which I believe made a real difference to the experiance.
    It seems that a conection must be made with the other person to really make it work.
    Just the act of being penetrated is very submissive and can be very pleasurable I think if your not interested in men for other types of sex or play that you wont enjoy men for just ass fucking. as some one with some expreance with both I will tell you that for me it has to be a girl more over it has to be my Mistress for me to really get-off. Its a major roll reversal and I get the chance to feel vulnerable, violated and soft and helpless and just down right taken. Which all work for me really well.
    I will also add it can be hard to find a girl who is into this because most strap ons don't do much for them and even Dom females want to be fucked and not do the fucking necessarily.
    but there's hope we found a "plug in" made by Funmaker called "share" I'm positive of the plug-in name but I might have got the manufacture wrong.but this is a weel made thing which give the feeling and presents of a real cock to both of you, My mistress loved just playing with it while it was in her even before she started to play with me with it, and she claimed that every girl should have one.
    well thats my two cents
    be careful and good luck
  3. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    i agree with you. i would love to find a female that has all sorts of strap ons. thats what i truely want. but i also just enjoy anal. but at the same time i feel its alot easier to find a guy that would like to fuck then a girl that wants to fuck a guy.

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    You might be surprised, most of my female friends (the straight ones) have enjoyed the though of fucking a man. Bringing up the idea, however,can be problematic. I would LOVE to do it but I don't have a strapon... I almost bought one a couple weeks ago but the stores near me don't have the style I want. :(
  5. ReallyGreen

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    Do both, It'll be a very fulfilling weekend.
  6. Malelesbian

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    It's natural for a guy to feel much less submissive immediately after orgasm and especially in the few minutes immediately following orgasm, so losing interesting in something you find erotic AFTER you have an O is hardly surprising.

    A lot of mistresses use the time right after an O to test the limits of how submissive a guy genuinely is - that's the best time to test a guy's limits because it's the time when he's least interested in sex and for a little while, you're right, it's almost like a switch gets flipped and turns off the desire to do anything daring.

    For what it's worth, do the anal first, BEFORE you have an O and use the success of the experience to earn a reward for yourself. Just have whomever's driving use a generous amount of lube. Anal's a lot of fun and is extremely exciting, but it does take a partner who's willing to learn how to do it correctly.

    Have fun!
  7. serodio

    serodio Banned

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    Don't sweat the "am I gay?" shit. Just have fun, be safe and let society worry about labels. If you are worried about regretting after intercourse with a guy, hey... then you'll know without a doubt that you are not gay.
  8. Andy123

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    this has beea fantisy of mine for sometime i am into forced bi i have never tied it but want to be lured into a honey trap and ten raped by a man while mocked by the woman, i wish only i could find someone who was up for this

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