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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Princess, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Princess

    Princess New Member

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    Hi, I am new to all of this and have been experimenting with my boyfriend for a few months now. I am looking to become more of a Domme and would like to actually talk to other people about it.

    Anyone have advice on what to do?
    I already keep him locked up unless I want the real thing and I keep him from having orgasms. Its mainly wet dreams and milking for him. It seems like we are getting into a routine though and I am not sure what else to do... Any suggestions?

    I am also kinda curious about acquiring another male sub as well... Does anyone have advice, is it a good idea or a bad idea? I have talked to my bf about it and he said its up to me. He doesn't mind in the least.

    I just don't know how comfortable I would feel with another sub, I am not sure what I would do or not do and any experience with this would be nice.

    I prefer to be called Princess, Master/Mistress just don't suit me :D
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  2. sebastian

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    This is a common question that we get here. Rather than suggesting specific things, like me make two recommendations.
    1) Read the Newcomer's FAQ. I think you'll find some ideas in there. Think about the 4 Spheres of BDSM and see if that gives you ideas.
    2) Instead of getting artificial ideas from other people, develop your dominance be figuring out what you want, and then do that. While some subs only want to do things that get them excited, most subs (at least serious subs) want to feel like they are giving pleasure by doing what their dom wants. So think about what genuinely excites you and then require it from your sub (within whatever limits you two have established). For example, if you really like not having to do chores, make him do chores before he gets any sexual attention. If you like humiliating him by pissing on him, do that. So think about what makes you feel sexy, or powerful, or cruel, or whatever and then require that.

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