Am I in the right place?

Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Hey there, I just happened to stumble upon this forum, Im so glad that it has the guest forum so I can ask a few questions before I consider posting here regularly.

    I'm just beginning to explore my sexuality after a very long, boring, and conservative relationship.

    Everything on this site is so new and exciting for me, I absolutely love the atmosphere and community.

    I am at a total loss though because I have only started to look into this, can anyone help me figure it out exactly what this is and how i can explore my limits safely?

    Thanks so much! xxx
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    I don't have the time for a really good answer right now (sorry!), but to keep it short- it sounds like you're in the righht place. The best thing to do would be to read the Newcomer's FAQ (under 'General BDSM Discussion) and the links presented in it, and to join the forum so you can ask questions in the main section where you're more likely to get a discussion.
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    Hey there, this is a good place yes. I enjoy posting in here from time to time. Fetlife, collarme, and bdsmadultfulltilt tumblr com are also great places.

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