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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Im currently 17 years of age, im age to consent in my state so i dont know if im breaking rules by posting this but i just need to vent. i feel that i am a dirty person.. i have fantasys all the time about licking a girls asshole, having her smother me. making me clean her after she uses the bathroom. being a slave. like falling asleep with my face wedged between her legs. i cant stop thinking about it. it makes regular sex hard for me. i never force anything nor do i ask the people i have had sex with to fufill my fantasys. but with all these wierd fetishes it makes it hard for me to even get up during regular sex. no matter how hot the girl is. i just dream all the time of being a slave. i even watched scat and piss videos and stuff. i dont know whats wrong with me. maybe i just like being humilated? is there anyone else out there like me?

    would it be illegal for me to aquire a dom? even tho im 17 age to consent?
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    No, if you are over the age of consent, it would not be illegal for you to find a dom, and there is nothing wrong with having kinks or watching porn. HOWEVER, I think you are over-romanticizing this a bit- you cannot jump straight into a 24/7 power exchange relationship. It's just not safe or healthy.

    I suggest you read the Newcomer's FAQ and all the links within it. Learn about safewords, how consent works, how to talk to your sexual partners, etc. Peruse the forum as well, there are a lot of threads on different dynamics and safety, and you can read even though you can't make an account.

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