Do I belong here? (female.. sub?)

Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Nov 23, 2012.

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    I was told that I would be considered a switch in the BDSM community. I don't know much about this and so I will probably say something out of line. I am sorry.

    (I am a 22 yr old female)

    I don't know if I belong here. I often find myself needing to please both in and out of bed. My first sexual experience was from a 34 yr old man when I was 14. I was abused and raped, developed a Stockholm syndrome but never quite got over everything (Please no remarks about that, it's just for background information). I believe this has led to me being dominate in social situations but craving someone to be more dominate than I. Someone to tell me everything I have to do, how to do it, and when. Someone to give me rules and structure.

    I want someone to control me, please me but completely overpower me. I crave older men (at least 5 yrs older than I), taller than I, and are stronger. Rough, masculine, alpha. Someone who knows what he wants and will call me a 'good girl'.

    However, I am a switch, apparently. And have quite a dominate streak to me which craves control and gets off on others being in pain and submission to my will. Even outside of bed. >.>
    I have quite a few fetishes that can be added to this list, but not now.

    So if you've cared to read any of this, could you tell me. Would this be a good place to come for advice and the like?
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    To keep it short, yes it would be a good place for you to ask questions or discuss things.

    You're welcome to join and see how you like it.
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