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    Hey guys! I have recently become very interested in bdsm.. I have no idea on how to approach this subject with my hubby.. In our day to day life I'm the dominant but I am craving to be his submissive in the bedroom how do I go about brining my new fetish into the mix without offending him? Help?! <3
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    The important part is why you think it'll offend him. That helps us breach it to him specifically :)

    There is also a long post in the newcomer's FAQ about making your vanilla boyfriend or husband into a dom, I'd check it out if I were you.
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    I would explain it just as you did here, chances are he will be excited to explore something new with you, especially if he calls the shots. And definitely check out the FAQs!
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    Bumblebee, latex is pretty dominant. I mean, it looks good on subs and they can wear it, but it's not at all abnormal for dommes to be dressed in it, so it might not be that helpful.

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