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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Unregistered, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Mistresses and Masters,

    My long term boyfriend and I were discussing the possibility of a female sex slave, we both are more dominant when it comes to sex, though I am submissive to him and would love both the experience and the challenge. I've always wanted to have a female submissive both to dominate myself and to be punished with. What is the best way to go about starting to look for a relationship like this? Is there anything we should be concerned about or look into? I really appreciate the advice and help.

    -His Slut
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    First off, communication's key- you and your boyfriend have to set rules, limits, etc, then agree on the girl you pick.

    To find her- Go to your local BDSM group/munch and see if there's anyone interested there. Outside of that, there are tons of sites where you could meet up with someone, from collarme to craigslist.

    The main dangers of this are one of you becoming jealous and it taking a toll on your relationship, and STDs in your new slave (so get her tested).

    Locking because resolved/necro. OP may join the forum if needed, or post a new thread :)
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