A Night Out

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    Author : Cecilia, Part 1 from 1.

    A Night Out

    I stepped out of the car onto the damp dark road, looking out at the empty streets. The club music was muffled by soundless window panes and I looked in, mesmerized by the male strippers in tight underwear, their hard ons clearly shown. The entertained drunks hollered and threw money at the dancers, enjoying themselves and their show. I walked over to the bar, not afraid to show off the boner going on in my jeans. They got tighter each time I turned around to look at the stage, but I just sat down and ordered a martini.

    The song ended and the set of strippers were done for their shift. One of them walked over to where I was sitting and sat down next to me. He was wearing tight red spandex underwear with a white trim and he was very skinny. His hair was mainly black but had some electric green streaks in the front, and when he saw me, his snake bite piercing popped out when he smiled.

    "What a crowd, huh?" he asked, looking back at the drunken bar. The strippers were humping and grinding on each other and on men in the audience. I nodded and smiled at him. Damn, he's really cute. "I'll get you a drink," I said, and I ordered him a strawberry daiquiri. He sipped happily and I stared down at his crotch. Hard as fuck. "I see where your eyes are wandering," he purred seductively, looking down to see my hard-on as well. I smirked and nodded. The time was getting late, and I had to get going. I looked outside to see that my car had been towed.

    "Godammit, now how will I get home?" I asked myself, maybe a bit too loud. His eyes lit up and he smiled. "Maybe I can drive you to my place, have a little fun maybe," he whispered, getting close to me. I enjoyed his plan and I went with him to his silver Corvette. He opened the passenger seat door for me and he got in on the other side.

    On our drive, he spoke up. "I'm Redd, and you?" he asked, smiling. I looked over at him. "Dante," I replied, biting my lip shyly. We got to his house in the woods and we rushed inside.

    Redd launched himself onto me and kissed me hard, closing the door with his foot and grinding against me. I unfastened my belt and dropped it to the floor, then he basically ripped my shirt off and pushed me onto his bed, which wasn't far from the main entrance. Redd took off his spandex underwear to reveal his 9 inch dick, and my jaw dropped.

    My clothing was removed and I went straight for his cock, licking and sucking it hard. His moans filled the room, and he ran his fingers through my hair. With every movement of my head he grasped the bed sheets and moaned loudly with pleasure. He flipped me around and ate out my ass. The way he worked his tongue was absolutely stellar, and I moaned loud, sending vibrations through his cock. His tongue went inside my ass and he thrusted it in and out as I sucked and licked his dick harder and faster. He finally shot his hot load inside my mouth and I swallowed it all.

    "Bend the fuck over," he groaned, spanking my ass and reaching for his drawer. A condom and lubricant. I smiled and bent over in front of him, eagerly sticking my ass in the air. His dick slowly slid into my tight hole, causing me to moan in pain and pleasure. I grasped the bed sheets and winced, feeling him fill me up. He started thrusting slowly at first, then his pace picked up. I arched my back and moaned loudly, practically screaming. "Oh fuck yes Redd!" I moaned, biting the pillow and pushing back to meet his thrusts.

    On and on he kept pounding and pounding like there was no tomorrow. The bed shook violently and he kept going faster and faster. There was a buildup in my stomach and I could feel myself about to explode all over the bed sheets, and he was, too. Redd shot his hot cum into my ass just as I cummed on his bed sheets. He collapsed on top of me, and my knees and arms went weak.

    I kissed him sloppily as we laid there tired and satisfied, holding each other with a firm grasp.
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    cool story.Thanks )
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    I would say a very good story
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    Redd shot his hot cum into my ass just as I cummed on his bed sheets. Redd lucky and happy to be an ass!

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