Strange Dream (part 2)

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Lunabell, Jun 24, 2010.

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    So there I was, half fallen off the bed with my boyfriends dick in my mouth and his brother spanking my captive ass while I did so when his brother reached under me an flipped me over. I freaked and grasped the sheets, leaving only my face neck and breasts hanging over the edge of the bed. T put my legs around him and I subconciously locked them around his waist while Ant promptly put his dick back in my mouth and grasped onto my breasts, torturing the already sensitive nipples. T ran his fingernails across my hips and then lightly traced the lips of my dripping pussy. I twitched a bit, gagging on Ants dick while T spread my lips with two fingers to expose my swollen red clit.
    He gently wet his finger in my female juices and prodded my swollen clit, causing a moan to escape from my lips. I crossed my legs tighter around his waist feeling his swollen member through his pants. He paused for a second and I heard a zipper slide open. Ant was still continuing to knead my nipples and thrust violently into my mouth until T jerked me up by an arm and pushed me down onto his own dick. I gasped aloud as it stabbed into me, filling me up inside and he rolled backwards so that I was straddling him. I paused for a second, arms slightly raised, tender breasts exposed for any type of play either of the boys desired. T reached back and slapped my ass, getting me to move. I began to ride him, slowly, as fast as my knees would allow, but he grew annoyed quickly and looked past me to Ant.
    "I thought you said she was an amazing lay? She seems like an ordinary pussy to me" he scoffed, pushing me knees up so I had to support my own weight.
    I placed my hands on my thighs to reinforce myself as he grasped my arms and thrust himself up into me violently. I cried out in pain and alarm as he held me grounded and pounded into me for at least two minutes, then he pulled me down back onto my knees and slipped out of me, leaving me in a doggy style position. He kneeled in front of me and grasped my face, mainly my cheeks with his hand and brought my face up to look him in the eye as I felt Ant climb onto the bed.
    "Well she is a great fuck, especially good with her tounge." He said to T.
    T looked into my eyes and reached down and pulled my hands out from under me, causing me to fall down and lay on my breasts, facedown on the sheets. He used my wrist cuffs to "handcuff" me so I had no way of getting up as Ant pushed his way into my swollen pussy. I moaned with pleasure as T laid his dick in front of me, grasping my hair and pulling me up a bit towards the edge of the bed.
    "well, show me these skills little bitch" he said mockingly and I stuck out my tongue and lollipop licked from his balls to the tip of his dick, coating it with saliva. He still had ahold of my hair, pulling me up and down as I worshiped his dick with my tounge until he suddenly pushed it inside and pulled my face all the way down so my nose was buried in his skin. Ant began to thrust inside of me harder and harder and as I fought to pull away because I was gagging, my body was being driven more and more into Ts dick. I sucked in my cheeks trying to please him, making pressure build up in my mouth until T began to moan a bit.
    " not bad. not bad at all" he remarked. pushing me off him and onto Ant. Since I was sitting backwards with Ants dick buried deep inside me, T grabbed my legs and twisted me around so I was riding on top of Ant, but instead of letting me ride he pushed my body down on top of his, leaving my ass up in the air. Ant began to fuck me again, harder and I moaned so loud that I was startled with T inserted my ball gag and tied it taunt around my head. He then proceeded to spank me violently until I began to cry with Ant still fucking me. As Ant was thrusting T reached down near my pussy and ran his fingers in my juices.
    "So she gets turned on by spanking? What a filthy little slut" he laughed, using the juices to lubricate my asshole. I began to writhe a bit, trying to stop him as I realized what he was going to do. T leaned one hand on my spine, holding me down as he positioned himself at the entrance to my ass. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to scream as he pushed his way into my ass and, without missing a beat, began to fuck my ass with twice the feriocity of Ant trying to keep up underneath me. I screamed as loud as I could through the ball gag, my body feeling as if it was going to split apart. I could feel the two dicks filling me up, stretching me out and ripping my genital skin. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as I began to feel faint. Just as I thought I might pass out T pulled out quickly with a -pop- that made my body jerk and I orgasmed onto Ants dick. Ant kissed my ball gag and shoved me off him, I landed on my elbows with both boys kneeling next to my face, stroking their pulsing shafts. I tried to backpedal away, avoiding the inevitable but each one of them hand a shoulder as they rubbed their dicks all over my face and pulled back and came on me, covering me from forehead to chin in their cum. I gagged through the ball gag, expecting Ant to wipe some off for me like he always did but this time he just let me go and I fell onto my back, trying to avoid letting any drip into the ball gag.
    They both climbed off the bed and Ant stroked my leg and told me to just stay there. that they would be right back.

    (Thats all i got lol. I woke up at that point. I really wish i could have another scene of this dream because I woke up soaked)
  2. Surreal

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    Why can't I have cool dreams? All mine are lame, like post apocalypse stuff. Loved the story though!
  3. yourslave1

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    thats so hot...i wish i had dreams like that, except with girls instead of guys lol

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