Strange Dream (prt 1.)

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    (A dream I had in very exquisite detail three nights ago. My boyfriend, his friend and I all stayed at the boyfriends` brothers house while he was away, and did incredibly naughty things in the living room with the slight possibility of the webcam being on in the office across from us.)
    The Boyfriend (Ant)
    me (lunabell)
    boyfriends brother (T)

    It was wendsday morning, I awoke to silence as the boys had already left for the morning shift at work. I didnt have to be in until six o clock that night so I stretched, scratched and wandered upstairs to the bathroom. Decided to take a quick shower and afterwards realized my clean clothes were downstairs. Not a big problem considering that I was home alone. I dried off and made my way down the stairs, pausing in the space between the stairs, kitchen and living room to look through the kitchen into Ts office space, where a black webcam sat. Through the duration of the week we had all stayed here that little black ball had fucked with my mind. It slightly aroused me to think of T sitting in his hotel room watching Ant and I and our kinky little adventures in his living room. I was still fully naked so I decided to eat some breakfast before finding my clothes. After all I was alone and there was nothing anyone could do to stop me.
    Sitting barebacked against the sofa I began to flick through the tv channels looking for something to watch. After awhile I finished my breakfast and put some clothes on, did some light housecleaning and laid back down on the floor for a quick nap. A few hours later I awoke to see T putting down his suitcase in the kitchen. He shot a quick, strange glance at me then proceeded to head upstairs. Blood began to build in my veins as I considered the reality of him actually getting mad at Ant and I for defiling his livingroom carpet, couch and chair. He was on the phone with someone, so i pretended to be asleep and after a few moments I actually did fall asleep.
    I awoke to Ant nudging me with his foot. He told me that T wanted to talk to us. Upstairs. I blushed and followed him upstairs, Ant stood in Ts bedroom while I stood in the doorway in flight mode. T told us he saw what we did, and he wasnt happy. I put my head down. Then the words came out.
    "It takes two men to put a little tramp like her in her place"
    I jerked my head up quickly and slightly to the side thinking :What??:
    A brief smile crosses through Ants face then he went back to a straight expression. T looked me up and down, not the best I had ever looked, in a frumpy ICP t-shirt and my sleeping shorts that went up to my inner thighs, showing of my full sleeve of tattoos on my right leg. He had the strangest expression on his face as he turned to Ant and told him to go get the "toys" we had used while he was gone. After Ant had left the room he looked at me with that strange smile and told me to take off my clothes.
    As I stood awkwardly naked in front of my boss listening to Ant collecting my new pink ankle and wrist cuffs, possibly my ball gag and mini vibrator, I began to notice myself getting wet, which surprised me. I mean, I was standing naked in front of my boss! my boyfriends brother! how could this possibly turn me on? Ant returned to the room and stood awkwardly with the stuff, I noticed him getting hard already. T guestured at me and told Ant to put the bracelets and anklets on. I fumbled around from foot to foot as he tightened the velcro until he was done. T reached over and grabbed one of my wrists and pulled me over to him, my back against his chest, I noticed then that he had removed his buttondown shirt and i was up against coarse chest hair not unlike my own boyfriends. Ant watched silently as T wrapped his arms under my armpits and spread my legs, telling Ant to get me wet.
    I was thoroughly embarassed as Ant began to eat me out right in front of his brother. I tried for several minutes to keep quiet until a tiny moan escaped me. T then grabbed both of my boobs roughly and pulled back on them, pressing me into his chest as he began to pinch and twist my nipples roughly. I wriggled against his chest as he kneaded my nipples while my boyfriend ate me out. The awkwardness began to fade from me as I became more than aroused. Ant paused for a second to watch his brother manhandling his girlfriend.
    "T would you like to see just how she likes to be treated?" Ant asked excitedly.
    "I figured out exactly how the little slut likes to be treated from the webcam." T said, leaning down to bite roughly into my neck right where my neck meets my shoulder. He hooked an arm under my thigh and pulled me across his lap and I gripped the sheets trying not to fall off the bed. Then somehow positioned me and maneuvered me around until I was half on the bed half on the floor, holding myself up with my elbows, my feet under his ass, leaving my ass exposed. T instructed me to give head to Ant and not stop until instructed. In order to do so I had to do a weird almost push up in an almost vertical position. Ant was already dripping with precum and he grasped my hair and forced it all the way in just like he liked. I gagged, which made him moan with pleasure right as t slapped my ass hard. I jumped a bit and pulled Ants dick out of my mouth. Ant grabbed my cheek with his fingers and pulled my face up to see him.
    "Did we tell you to stop?" he asked.
    I shook my head. He slapped me across the face. "Then why did you?"
    Before I could answer he shoved my face down onto his dick again as T continued to lay down the slaps on my ass until the burning sensation began.

    (To be continued in the morning. The real Ant is calling from work ^^)

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