The night my husband became my Dom

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    This is a recount of the night I was able to explain to my husband what a D/s relationship is all about and my desire to submit to him. Something tells me that he's got the makings of a Dom and that with a little patient and gentle prodding, things could become very 'interesting'. Not that they aren't already! ;)
    (Still doesn't want me calling him Master or Sir though, eh, all in good time! :) )

    The dishes were done, the house was picked up and the kids were soundly sleeping in bed. I had butterflies in my stomach and was feeling a bit timid as I went to join my husband on the couch. After telling him today that I desired to be a sub, his sub, and him my master, I was anxiously awaiting a true response, fearful that I was to be turned down. I didn’t even make it into the seat next to him before he ordered me to go take a shower. “Shave everything, put on my favorite piece of lingerie and wait for me in the bedroom,†he ordered in a firm, but amused voice.

    I did as I was told, exhilaration coursing through me as the hot water cascaded over my naked body. I took care to make sure every inch of my body was completely smooth, fresh and soft for his touch. I slipped on his favorite piece of lingerie, a silk, leopard printed baby doll nightgown with black lace over my supple breasts. Not the kinkiest, or even sexiest, lingerie in my opinion, but he loved it. I let my hair out of it’s confining pony tail and allowed my thick blond curls to fall softly around my shoulders. The reflection in the mirror showed a sexy, experienced woman preparing to seduce her partner. But inside, I was as giddy as a school girl, anticipating her first sexual experience.

    I left the bathroom, peaking into the living room to see my husband was still on the computer. Crossing my fingers and hoping he wouldn’t be long, I went to wait for him in bed. I didn’t have long to wait. He soon came in, removing His t-shirt before the door was even fully closed. He locked it with a mischievous grin and pulled off his jeans as he moved across the room, his hard cock already standing erect. Reaching the bed, he ripped of the comforter and sheet, tossing them carelessly on the floor. My body tingled in anticipation as he climbed on top of me. He lowered his lips to mine in a soft and tender kiss, but slowly pressed harder, roughening the kiss, exploring my mouth with his tongue, claiming me. He moved down my jaw and neck, finding the sensitive spot where my shoulder and neck met, sucking, biting, as his fingers found my right nipple. I gasped as he pinched and twisted it between his fingers, currents of pleasure running through my body. Still pinching my right nipple, he moved his mouth slowly, erotically down and licked the tip of my left nipple before taking it between his teeth, alternating between sucking and biting. My body pressed up against his as I cried out. The mixture of tormenting pleasure and sweet pain causing my body to scream for more. He switched. His teeth tease and torment my right nipple as he now pinches and twists my left. I want him, I want to feel him inside me right now. Moaning with pleasure, crying out when his teeth bite sharply, I find my self trying to maneuver in just the right way so he can slide right into my dripping pussy.

    But he’s not having it. A whimper escapes my lips as he abruptly stops and moves to sit at the edge of the bed. I look at him questioningly and with the wave of his hand over his hard, erect cock, he gives me a silent command. Heady with lust, consumed with passion and the strong desire to please him, I kneel before him. Gently, I run my fingers over his balls, swirling, touching, lightly massaging as I take the head of his cock into my mouth. I suck lightly, swirling my tongue around the tip, delighting in the moans I pull from him. I work my way down, taking a little more of him bit by bit. My pussy throbs as he gently, tenderly runs his hands through my curls. The tender touch turns harsh as he grabs my hair tightly, forcing my head down, pushing his cock down my throat. My nose is pressed against his skin, his balls against my chin, as he proceeds to fuck my throat. My mind is spinning, my blood surging, my pussy aching to be filled. I struggle to breathe and he yanks my head up just far enough to gulp a quick breath of air before forcing my head back down. I gag a little this time, but he seems to enjoy this. He groans and fucks harder. With one hand he reaches down to pinch and twist a nipple. My body writhes with the instant pleasure and I groan around his cock. With one hand pinching my nipple and one hand forcing my head down, this continues on, over and over. Fucking my throat, making me gag, yanking me up for a quick breath before forcing me back down again. I moan around his thick cock, he groans with his own pleasure.

    He yanks my head up by my hair a final time, the lust bright in his eyes. “Get on the bed,†he orders. “On your hands and knees.†I am more than willing to obey, desperate to feel him inside me. He kneels behind me, pushing the silk gown up past my rounded hips. I cry out with shock and surprise, jumping forward as his strong hand comes forcefully down on my ass. We’ve played around with spanking before, but never has he hit this hard. A warm tingle spreads through me as he pulls me back to position and spanks me equally as hard on the other side. And so he alternates, one side, then the other, warming my bottom, reddening it, making me burn with the sharp sting, eliciting a cry from my lips with every spank. My pussy throbs, I ache for him.

    Just as I feel my need for him could not become any greater, He thrusts his cock inside my pussy, filling me, pressing deeply until he is completely buried in my wet, pulsing pussy. I scream into the pillow, clutching the sheet in my fists as I cum, my body quivering, my pussy clutching tight around Him as I ride the waves of overpowering bliss. With his hands firmly on my hips, he fucks me. Thrusting hard and deep, controlling how my body moves with his. I cry and moan with each hard thrust, as he fills me, making me enjoy the sensation of every inch of his manhood. Without warning he pulls out, leaving my pussy feeling empty, again aching for his thickness. The head of his cock presses against the tight opening of my ass. I press against him slightly, ready for the slow, gentle penetration that always precedes a hard anal fuck. Not this time though. He spreads my cheeks and forcefully enters my ass, painfully stretching me, forcing me to accommodate his girth. He presses hard and deep, not letting up until he is fully in, and then he fucks me. I scream into the pillow, the sudden intrusion is painful, making me feel as though this is my first anal experience. The sensation is sharp, and piercing, making my body scream at me, wanting to tighten up against the pain, yet trying desperately to relax my body, to adjust to his size. Again, he grips my hips, controlling my movements, thrusting hard and deep drawing the guttural screams from my throat.. Gradually, I feel my body relax, the stretch from him building my pleasure to a crescendo. Another cry escapes my lips as he grabs my hair, yanking my head up, pulling my body against his, forcing my head back, making my breathing slightly difficult. With his other hand he grabs my breast, squeezing it tight in his large hand. He thrusts harder, ramming into me, yanking, squeezing with each thrust. My orgasm builds, my cries grow louder, his thrusting more frenzied. As my body trembles again, he releases me. I fall forward onto the pillow, screaming, crying as a powerful orgasm racks my body. He continues, pounding, filling and stretching my ass, fucking me hard. Again he yanks me up by my hair, this time reaching down with his other hand to push two fingers in my dripping pussy. Pushing up against just the right spot, pressing, circling my G-spot, bringing me to another screaming orgasm. My pussy pulses tightly around his fingers, my ass around his cock. My head is pulled in such a position that it is again slightly difficult to breathe, only enhancing the incredible pleasure coursing through my body. As the orgasm slows, he again releases me and I fall into the pillow gasping and moaning. He grabs my hips and holds me against him, his cock buried in my ass as he cries out with his own orgasm, filling me with his seed, claiming my body in a way that I rarely allow.

    We roll onto our backs, lying side by side, gasping, trying to catch our breath, coming down into the afterglow. After a few moments, I get up and spread the sheet and blanket back over the bed. He pulls me to him, letting me rest my head on his firm chest. I can hear his heart, still pounding. Lightly caresses my arm, and we finally talk before we drift of into a satiated sleep.
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