First time in 3 months

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    His side: Well we started by her walking in to my hotel room to get me, and me hugging her and kissing her, and working her pants off. Then fingering her till she was wet and then laying her on the bed and pulling her panties to the side and making love, and we did it on the edge of the bed and did it doggy style and omg did it feel great! Then we paused and went down and waited for everyone to go to bed, then we went up and we snuck behind a coke machine and she gave me a blowjob, and that pushed us'd over the edge and we couldn't wait anymore so we went to my room stripped down and we started on the bed with her on top, then me on top then we tried bunny but it wouldn't work so we went and did it on the floor with her on top, and she bit my chest and that drove me Wild and I was going so hard I was lifting her off the floor! Then we rolled over and I was on top and I could feel the first little but come out and when I tried to come out before it all came she held me in with her legs and I got to empty in her, and she gasped and smiled and held on as it all came in side her. And then we laid like that both so happy and intimate, and then we moved to the bed and snuggled naked and talked until it was time to go.
    Her side: As soon as I knew we were allowed to stay up later I went to his room to let him know. He asked me to stay, for just a little bit, and then he started kissing me. He asked if I wanted sexy or romantic and I said I didn't care. He pulled me over to the edge of the bed, pulled my pajama pants down a little and my panties to the side, as started fucking me on the edge of the bed. He felt sooooooooooooo good. We moved to the floor so he could try to do me bunny style, but, we heard people in the hallway, so we put it on pause. We went downstairs for a while and watched Netflix until we were sure my family was asleep and wouldn't come checking on us. Then we went back upstairs and I blew him near the vending machine. I couldn't even fit him in my mouth as much as before because he's gotten so much bigger. Then we went to his room. We stripped down and he laid on the bed and had me on top. We fucked like that for a while, and I could feel him so deep. Then we switched to missionary and we were fucking and kissing and I couldn't stop grabbing onto him. We moved back to edge of the bed and I wrapped my legs around him. He told me if I did that he would end up cumming inside, but, I knew I wouldn't be able to notice if I started doing it again, so I decided I didn't care. We moved onto the floor (so we wouldn't wake any neighbors with squeaking) and we tried to do bunny style. That didn't work as well without lube, though, so we went back to me riding him on top. He asked me to bite him and when I did, he moaned so much and went so hard I didn't want him to stop. He stayed inside me and we switched to missionary where he kept going until suddenly he slowed down. I didn't know why, at first, until I felt him lurching inside me. That was sooooo freaking sexy, and I could watch the pleasure on his face. His first words after were "That totally wasn't supposed to happen" but, I didn't care. It was the most intimate thing I had ever felt. After that he laid on top of me, and caught his breath, while still inside me, and we hugged and cuddled, and talked. Eventually we moved back onto the bed to cuddle. Once it came time for me to leave, I started leaking quite a bit, there was a lot of cum, everytime I thought it was done, there was more. It was so sexy. Then we kissed goodnight and I had to leave.....I really wanted to stay with him, though....
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    wonderful story read with pleasure, thank you!

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