Saturday Morning Delight (our continuing progression)

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    The light touch of fingers running across my back slowly pulled me to consciousness. The clock read 6:42. I’m not a morning person, quite honestly, I don’t function well before 7 am, but being woken in this manner was quite soothing. His fingers gently skimmed over my naked skin, swirling over my back, and running down my arm, pulling me from my sleepy daze, gradually bringing me fully awake. He pressed his naked body against mine, in a spooning position and wrapped his arms around me, one around my stomach, the other under my neck, cradling my head. The soft words “I love you” tickled my ear and I snuggled closer into his warm body. Using the hand that was around my stomach, he continued to caress my body, his touch as light as a feather over my arm, the swell of my hip, and the soft skin on my breasts. Gently he took a nipple between two fingers and lightly squeezed, twisting it ever so slightly. My eyes closed and a whisper of a moan escaped my lips as the pleasure traveled through my body. As he played with my nipple, his warm lips found the curve of my neck. His kisses were gentle and loving as they traveled down to my shoulder and to my arm. I was already aching for him, my body rolling with desire.

    His had traveled down my body, from my nipple to my clit. Gently he circled my little nub, gradually increasing the pressure. My clitoral sensations are so intense that I can rarely stand to be touched for more than a few minutes and ever rarer still withstand it long enough to orgasm. As the torturous pleasure grew, the electric pulses coursing through my body, he wrapped his legs around mine, holding me firmly in place. I could feel the orgasm building, but it was too intense. I struggled against him, begging him to stop, screaming that I couldn’t take it. He tightened his hold on me and increased the pressure on my clit. Tears were welling up in my eyes. It was too much, completely unbearable. I continued to tell him I couldn’t handle it. “Yes you can. You can and you will,” he said in a low, firm voice. That was all I needed. The sound of his voice with his command combined with the increased pressure on my clit sent me convulsing in a body gripping orgasm. I lost all control of my body, shaking violently from head to toe as the orgasm tore through me. I screamed as it continued on and on, feeling as though it would never end. He never let up, keeping the steady pressure as he circled my nub. Though I was screaming and begging, he wouldn’t let up until my orgasm began to subside. My mind was numb, my body incapable of moving as I lay there, recovering, finding it unbelievable that my body was capable of such magnificent pleasure. He curled up against me again, cradling and caressing me, letting me rest for a few moments.

    Soon, he rolled me over to my stomach and moved me into a kneeling position. I was on my knees, bent over so that my stomach pressed against them. My face was down to the mattress, my arms, extended out in front of me. He moved behind me and slipped a finger inside my wet slit, causing me to moan again, and then slid it out, with my juices and ran the finger to my ass, gently moving small circles around my hole. I whimpered when he pulled away. “Stay right where you are, “ he ordered and he left to go to the bathroom.

    When he returned, he knelt on the bed behind me, his hands caressing my ass. Gradually he became a little rougher, gripping, digging his fingers in. I groaned and pressed against his hands. A hand came firmly down on my right cheek and a warm glow spread through my body, a small gasp escaping my lips. It wasn’t really a hard smack, as far as spankings go, and I instantly craved more. He knew this and a slightly harder slap was received on my left cheek. Again, I moaned with pleasure as the sting sent ripples of pleasure through my body. The next one came faster, harder, and I gripped the sheets, as I groaned “yes, thank you.” Again, his hand came down harder, warming my bottom with it’s sharps sting. My cries grew louder, my pleasure more intense as he continued, each smack harder than the last. With my ass in the air, his hand came down again, this time connecting with the delicate skin between my ass and my pussy. I struggled to remain still for him, my knuckles white from gripping the sheets so tight, screaming into the mattress. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body, and before I had fully recovered, he spanked me again, harder, the same spot. This time I did jerk, again, screaming into the mattress. He slipped a finger into my pussy again and said with mock surprise, “you’re dripping wet!” And I was, I wanted him to take me right there, I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

    He lay down next to me on his side. Again, getting ahead of myself, and feeling I knew exactly what he wanted, I rolled onto my side, scooting over to press up against me. He pushed me away, rolling me over. Confused, thinking maybe he wanted me on top, I started to move to climb on top of him. I didn’t even make it to a sitting position before he was pushing me, rolling me again. I looked at him in confusion, he smiled and pushed me again. My mind was spinning, he was going to push me right off the bed! What was going on? Just as I was slipping over the edge, I felt his strong hands pull me back onto the mattress and over to him, pulling me close. I looked up at him questioningly and he smiled. Ah, there was that dimple I loved so much! “I just wanted to see how much you trust me,” he said. My heart soared. It had been a test. Albeit, in terms of bdsm, a very small test, but a test non the less - and I had passed.

    Again, he turned me so that we were in a spooning position and he slid his thick cock into my aching pussy. Again, my eyes closed and I groaned in pleasure as he gently thrust in and out. I could feel ever inch, every pulsing vein as he brought me to another orgasm. Holding my hip firmly, his thrust gradually became harder, sending me over the edge. My body trembled as the orgasm took hold, my cries driving him to thrust harder.

    His other hand came up around me and to my neck. In the past, we have played a bit with light choking, but he had never used enough pressure to really feel as though my breathing was restricted. This time however, his hand came around my throat, pulling my head back against his chest. Gradually, the pressure increased and my breathing restricted. I struggled to get a breath as he held my throat tightly. He thrust harder. The sensation was incredible, my every nerve ending was on fire, sending electric currents through my body. He eased up slightly on the pressure and I gasped, gulping in huge breaths of air before he again increased the pressure again. Again, my body was on fire, another orgasm building. I moved against him, becoming more frenzied, eager for the mind blowing release. As the first tremors split through my body, he gripped my slender throat even tighter. I couldn’t breathe, as the orgasm was ripped through my body, I could feel the blackness beginning to close in and he released me. I gasped again for air, taking in as much as my lungs would allow, my body still trembling. He stopped thrusting, leaving his member fully lodged inside my and gently kissed down my neck.
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    He pulled out and gently guided me to a kneeling position beside him. My ass was facing him, my face over his cock. “Suck me,” he quietly ordered. I eagerly took his member into my mouth, sucking and swirling me tongue around it as I gently ran my fingers over his balls. His moans of pleasure were music to my ears and I took more of him into my mouth. He grabbed my hair tightly and pushed my head down, forcing his cock down my throat. My stomach lurched, and I gagged with the forceful intrusion, but I loved every second. I was his to use as he pleased and he took great pleasure in it. Holding my hair tightly, he yanked my head up and down and thrust his cock hard down my throat every time he forced me head down. My pussy throbbed, his pleasure becoming my pleasure. His hand came down hard on my ass as his cock was deep in my throat. My cry was muffled around his member. Another smack jolted me, I choked and cried out. He timed the spankings with his thrusts, forcing his cock down my throat with each smack. He groaned with pleasure as I gagged out muffled cries. My ass was on fire, the warmth spreading through my body. I reveled in the his pleasure and my own. Continuing to fuck my throat, he stopped spanking me and thrust four fingers into my dripping pussy, stretching me to the max. I pressed against him, enjoying the stretch. He thrust them in and out, then pulled out two fingers and worked them into my ass. I cried out around his cock, I felt so full and so stretched with two thick fingers in my pussy and two in my ass. He pumped them in and out of my holes as I pressed against them. The burn of the stretch was incredible, my excitement was building, I never wanted it to end. I whimpered when he pulled them out and yanked my head up.

    “Ride my cock,” he said, his voice husky with desire. I gladly climbed on top of him, straddling his hard body and eased his cock into my wet pussy. We groaned together as I slid all the way down. He wrapped his hand through my thick curls and pulled me down to him, kissing me tenderly, exploring my mouth with his tongue. Releasing me, I began to move against him, riding, grinding, groaning as his cock hit my sweet spot over and over. I moved quicker, my body tightening with the impending orgasm. My eyes closed, my moans deep and low as the pleasure coursed through my body. I cried out as his teeth came around my nipple, biting and pulling on it. The sharp sensation sending me over the edge into a screaming orgasm. He met me thrust for thrust. I could feel his cock pulse inside me as he began to come. His quiet moans, my screams meeting as we reached our orgasms together.

    I collapsed on his chest, my breaths coming hard in fast, my body winding down. He ran his fingers through my hair and lovingly kissed me curls. Slowly I rolled off of him and lay next to him on my back. Both of us still trying to catch our breath. The alarm rang. It was 7:30, time to get ready for work. A perfect start to a beautiful day.
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    Oops! Please excuse the grammatical errors. I was getting a little heated recounting the experience. ;)
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    that was intense, im wet just reading this, would love to try a play session like this with my Sir :D
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    People may love you for what you have written - an insightful sex story of yours, or a short memoir of yours relating to your sex perceptions and problems. :clap:

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