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    When I am with you the clock seems to stop as the time rushes by.
    My sensations are heightened as my mind is persuaded into knowing and wanting only you.
    Upon my arrival I stand tall and proud as I wait for our eyes to meet and our souls to greet.
    Behind those wicked green eyes of yours is the entrance into an overpowering world of indulgence, addiction, excitement, and pure pleasure.
    The surface of your world and what you offer is pleasant and inviting like a walk in the park on a sunny spring day. To most this is much desired and just enough. For me, it is appreciated, but inadequate. The classic comforts and ordinary realities tend to provisionally appease me, but never keep me.
    The world, the dream, the reality you offer is so much more than one can imagine. The extreme range you offer captivates every part of me and your fierce presence perforates my soul. Your heart is full of pure emotion and dignity that can be felt with your welcoming embrace. I often melt in your arms and completely dissolve in your kisses. Once we were two unique souls orbiting uninhabited space, but the pull of our chemistry inevitably has brought us together. The allure, the attraction, the meeting of us has created a new body of superlative life. I have succumbed to you, to us.

    As I am enslaved over your knee you demonstrate your strength and control as you greet my bare flesh with your steady yet powerful stroke. My body and my mind digest your force and welcomes whatever you have in store for me. The intense energy seeping from our bodies sends electrifying pulses of marvel threw my entire body. My mind becomes mush as my body is raided with orgasmic juices stirring and pleading for more. All restraint and past mannerisms once held are forgotten. My insides throb wanting your hardness to thrust deep inside of me over and over again. A whirlwind of erotic emotion stirs in the air. My juices continue to multiply with every crack, whip, paddle, and caress. I am well aware of your hardness as you forcefully maneuver my head back by the roots of my hair further establishing your authority. My eagerness to please you and be used by you overwhelms me creating a manifest of the dominance you have over me.
    Without a word you taunt me with your masculinity as you massage your hard cock on my freshly reddened flesh leaving me craving more. I hear my voice abiding with, "yes sir, yes sir," and I am reminded and forced to acknowledge the fact I have lost all control. My femininity pulsates with warmth, wetness, and desire to be filled with all of your bulging stiffness. Your stern voice has me yearning for more, wanting more, needing more. Your massive intrusion inside of me penetrates my soul. The heat, the sweat, the mixing of our fluids serves as evidence of what might serve as fiction for others. I desperately await your permission to explode all over your shaft leaving a puddle of passion and satisfaction to ponder on.
    Ponder not, for that is clearly not where you choose to stop. This is merely an introduction to what you are capable of.. There is no end to the pleasure you will inflict upon me as you fuck me into a submission that bewilders me. You continue to bite, spank, cane, pull, and submerge into me as you please. It is obvious that you are the master and I am yours to have, punish, and reward when and how you see fit. Bewilder me not, it doesn’t matter, it is what it is and it is pure pleasure……pinch me! Am I dreaming????
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    This is very interesting and well written. Although I am thinking it could be on the story board.

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