A Good Pet

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    Also posted here, along with other things. Due to Master saying I should and the good response, I'm reposting here.
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    With efficient tucking and tugs, the pet had her master's bed made into a neat, smooth rectangle, the spare blankets laid out and folded into even squares. She practised enough; she could make the bed for Master before he reached the top of the stairs. And he could make it less neat with her quite as fast.

    Hearing his steps approach, she settled upon her own, a small cushion at the foot of his bed. She tucked her toys away into a neat pile, and her master stepped through the doorway. The pet's legs curled beneath her, and she lay still and breathed quiet as though sleeping, awaiting his acknowledgement.

    "Pet, stand up."

    She shivered at his voice and rose to stand, still below him. Her eyes didn't meet his, but she felt him looking into her from above. Then, she felt his hand on her wrist, and his cock in her hand. Faltering for only a second, she took it, holding it softly in her fingers at first, then feeling his encouragement, rubbed faster. He pushed her down by her shoulder until she took him in her mouth, drawing him deep into her throat, flicking her tongue against the swollen head. After letting her play for a while, and using her for a while, testing how far she could take him, he pulled out and pushed her further.

    "Get on the ground where you belong. You're acting like a little slut. Is that what you are? A whore?"

    His pet mewled and settled herself on the floor, looking to him for guidance for what to do next. She felt her warmth between her legs, but they were words also meant as insults. She was left, and she lay on the ground, incomplete, as she listened to him undo the careful making of the bed and settling, breathing.

    She knew to stay quiet, she truly did, she was a good pet, but she felt herself beginning to shiver on the cold floor, freezing next to her bed. "Master?"

    He didn't answer, but she heard him shift.

    "Master, I'm cold."

    She heard him shift again, turning to look at her. "Do you want to come up here?" The absence of his usual endearment to pet lingered, as though his cold voice hadn't hurt enough.

    The pet spoke carefully. "I would like to, Master, but all I need is a blanket, or permission to dress. I'm just so cold." She was truly shaking now, with worry of angering her master on top of the cold that was biting at her limbs.

    "Get up, pet."

    She rose.

    "Come, pet."

    Still shaking, she followed him, the still cold voice raking her ears until they were more nervous, but making her nonetheless feel warmer from the security his speech brought.

    Her nervousness dissipated as the pet was directed into the shower. Master was being gentle, more gentle on her than usual, and though the change was surprising, she was happy to expect a soft and thorough cleaning from her master. He'd seen her smile though, and looked to her.

    "I'm glad you're excited, pet. Now kneel in the tub and close your big eyes."

    She smiled again as she heard the zipper of Master's pants open, ready for the treat that was sucking his cock. As she awaited the welcome intrusion into her mouth, she felt warmth hit her face, her breasts, her stomach, then running down and between her legs. The pet opened her eyes to look; his piss was all over her, but still warm.

    She licked her lips.

    "Thank you, Master."

    He then allowed her to take his cock into her mouth, kissing and licking until he grew hard again, bringing him nearly to finishing before he took his cock away again, finishing himself and letting the cum land next to the pet in the tub. "You don't deserve that on you today. Rinse off with cold water, then you can come into my bed and I'll play with you. I don't want my pet to feel neglected."

    "Yes, Master," she whispered.
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    That was sweet.
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    Why thank you. I didn't think you were into watersports.
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    Quite a recently developed interest.
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    thanks for sharing
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    thank you very much
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    why was he mad at her?
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    Which part?

    I wrote this a while ago now and don't remember or see any parts where he's supposed to be.
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    when she said he was acting all cold and that it hurt. and later he said she didnt deserve his cum. it seemed like she was in trouble.
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    No, he was supposed to just be acting disinterested for an independent scene, assuming there would be a life around it with aftercare and so on. Now I know what I would have to edit though, were I to ever bother :p

    I don't usually write sexual acts where people actually act out their emotions on each other, as angry sex plus BDSM is dangerous and lovey sex bores me (despite very much loving my partner).
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    ahh so he was kinda trying to be aloof? sorry i havnt been reeding more "grown up" stories for to to long.
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    Awesome! Thx)
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    Awesome thanks! she is beautifull

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