Puppywalking 1: Puppy's Walk in the Woods

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Mar 6, 2009.

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    Master loves his pet to bits. A sweet little Welsh border collie puppy, loving and caring and full of fun. They work very well together; he gives her his undivided attention, and she rewards him with love and affection and lots of wet sloppy doggy kisses.

    However, during their afternoon walk one day, something unusual happens.

    They are in the woods they always go to. Master has taken Puppy off the lead so that she can have a run around and do what she needs to do. He sits on a tree stump and watches as she moves through the longish grass on all fours, occasionally bending her head to sniff the ground.

    He then looks up in time to see another man approaching, with a beautiful golden retriever puppy on a lead. His eyes widen slightly in appreciation of the other man's pet. Long blonde hair, full breasts and long legs, and a truly beautiful arse, nicely curved and lightly tanned from walks in the sun. He feels his cock start to stiffen in his jeans, but he ignores it and continues to watch.

    Puppy has seen the little retriever. She turns her head and sees the look Master is giving the other dog. She is filled with a sudden rush of jealousy and before anyone knows what is happening, she has hurled herself at the blonde, growling, snarling and spitting, paws raised to scratch the other animal with her sharp claws, raking them over her back and her breasts, sinking her teeth spitefully into the retriever's neck.

    The little retriever is startled by the attack and doesn't know how to react. She tries to pull away, howling and whining in fear and surprise, but Puppy is having none of it and continues to savage the poor creature.


    Master's angry shout stops her dead. She glances over her shoulder to see him marching over, his face like thunder. The other man's face is a picture of shock and bewilderment, and the retriever's lovely big brown eyes are filled with tears.

    Master clips Puppy's lead onto her collar and apologises profusely to the retriever's owner, who accepts the apology, but he himself is not happy at all. As the little retriever and her owner watch, he gives Puppy a sharp telling off and a few well deserved hard slaps to her little bum, having roughly turned her dog tail butt plug so that the tail points downward; a sign of an unhappy or disobedient pet.

    But Puppy is not contrite. She sulks as her punishment is given, then out of spite and revenge sinks her teeth into Master's leg, which results in him picking up a long, thin branch from the ground. Stripping it bare, he then proceeds to stripe Puppy's arse, and this time she does howl and cry a little.

    The punishment is over now. Master's anger has faded, but he is still not happy.

    'Apologise to this poor little dog this instant.'

    Cowed by her beating, Puppy obeys. She trots up behind the little retriever and sniffs cautiously around her little bumhole. The other animal's tail has also been turned downward to show that she is unhappy. Nudging beyond it, Puppy discovers the wet slit, rich with the retriever's unique scent, and begins to lick her slowly and gently to show that she is sorry.

    The little retriever whines softly as Puppy continues with her apology, her pale little body quivering and her nipples hardening. Her face is flushed with her arousal and her tears have stopped flowing now. She parts her hind legs to give Puppy better access, allowing her to probe deeper and find the little nub that will be her undoing when caressed.

    Sure enough, having licked the little animal clean, Puppy's attention moves here and she sucks and kisses the little bud. Suddenly the retriever gives a high, long whine and shudders, spraying more juice onto Puppy's face before they slowly move away from each other.

    The retriever's owner asks Master if he would like his pet to return the favour, but Master refuses. Giving the retriever a farewell stroke behind her ear and bidding her owner goodbye, he tugs sharply on Puppy's lead and they return to the car, where his disgraceful pet is made to lie on the back seat.

    Back home, it is clear that Puppy has not yet finished paying for her behaviour in the woods. She is led outside to her kennel and chained up at neck, wrist and ankle; her bone gag is strapped into her mouth and padlocked in place.

    'I am very disappointed in you, Puppy,' Master says softly but sternly. 'You disgraced yourself out in the woods today. It breaks my heart to have to chain you up out here, but you've left me no other choice. You're going to stay out here to have a good long think about your behaviour.'

    Then he walks away without a word, slipping in through the back door and shutting it firmly.

    Puppy stares at the shut door for a while, until her vision starts to blur with a sudden flow of tears. She is very upset that she has displeased Master, but all she wanted to do was to stop him admiring the golden retriever. They enjoy playing with other pets and their owners sometimes, but today she had wanted Master all to herself. And now she has to pay for making that decision.

    She begins to howl and whine softly through her gag, the tears sliding down her little face. She is aroused after licking the other animal, but is unable to rub herself or even grind herself against the kennel floor. All she can do is wait for Master to come back...

    ...if indeed he does plan on coming back.
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Awww... cute and she can write too. Some Doms get all the luck.

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    Indeed RG, I'm a lucky guy. Puppy writes some cracking stories. :)

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    Aww thanks :eek:

    Unfortunately, neither this, nor the other Puppy story I've posted, are based on any true events...we have to make do with indoor play until the weather warms up :(
  5. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    I love the story Puppy, I will be sure to read the rst of them later, if Master permits

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    Read them together? :)

    And be sure to let me know if they excite or inspire you in any way! ;) :D
  7. Master C

    Master C Member

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    Awesome Story. Keep up the great work.
  8. Nyx

    Nyx Member

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    I adore this story. :)
    Well done.

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    Glad you all enjoyed it! :)

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    Suprisingly arousing for me. I have never been turned on by puppy play or any other animal play for that matter. You have a gift.
  11. Master_J

    Master_J Member

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    I have to say i am genuinely impressed by the puppy play, i may choose to have my slave walking on all fours with a bone in her mouth. i rather like the idea :)

    And the kennel with bone gag/chains inside is ingenious! And wouldnt be hard to build either. Just a quick trip to Home Depot!

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    Cheers guys! :)

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