A Gift From Mistress

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by erinbi2003, Apr 22, 2010.

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    i was about to leave the house this morning when my Mistress stopped me and said she had a gift for me. Mistress told me to turn around so i could not see her and to stay there. i could here Mistress in the toy closet. When Mistress returned She told me to spread my legs and lift up my dress. Mistress dose not alowe me to wear panties and i am kept shaved so i was fully exposed. i could fell Mistress passing something between my legs and then felt a dildo rubbing my pussy. i got wet very quicly and Mistress insterted the dildo all the way in. The Mistress told me to bend over. i did as i was told and Mistress put a small amount of lub on my ass hole. Then Mistress put a but plug in my ass. i have been double plug before but i was not expecting what came next. i could feel Mistress raching for and adjusting some straps and when She started to buckle things up i relized i was beng put in a chastity belt. When Mistress was done She told me to put my dress down and go to school and that i was not to look at my gift unless i was in a public rest room at school. i took the first oppertunity i had to look at it in the miror. The strap that hols the butt plug is flared and holds my cheeks a bit further apart than normal. i like the way i look in it but i am not sure how it will work on days i have to wear scrubs to school.
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    so what is a problem?
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    Sounds like a win-win...Tell your Mistress for me: Thanks for the idea.... ;)

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