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    A woman I used to visit for tribute, would play a game with me which I loved. Id visit her, she would leave the front door unlocked, and Id come in, as though no one was home. I would look around and see the house empty and take off my clothes and touch myself as I walked around her rooms. Id go upstairs, and into her bedroom, look into the top droawer where she kept her panties, and Id take a pair or two and smell them, they were of course clean. but I loved to touch her panties. Isd go into her cliothes closet and find her nightgown hanging there and Id rub it against my penis, and smell her boots on the floor, and suddenly the closet door would be open and she wouid be there catching me with my cock in my hand..she would threaten to turn me in unless I did what she wanted which I wont go into now but I did suffer for being caught at my misdeeds
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