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    Here's my experience of 4 years ago in The Netherlands (Amsterdam) with three call girls in my hotel room.

    Before you read about the session in Amsterdam, I should tell you that
    I am a healthy 55 year old man, but more importantly, my right ear
    sticks out more than my left ear, and this session is all about
    humiliation with regard to ears.

    So, 4 years ago, two Dutch escort girls arrived in my hotel room in
    Amsterdam. What do you want us to do, they asked me. I explained that
    they should tease me with my ears, but after all the teasing, it would
    be my turn to tease them with their ears. They giggled and said that
    they had never met a man like me. They said that most men just wanted
    to fuck them. Anyway, they liked my plan and became excited.

    They told me to sit on the edge of the bed, and then one girl
    (Yolanda) said : "Look here, his right ear sticks out, and his left
    ear doesn't" The other girl (Marleen) said : "Oh yes, ridiculous,
    isn't it, one flapping ear and one ear that lies close to his head"

    They made me stretch my left ear as far out as my other ear, and
    Yolanda said : "Look, now both his ears stick out. He looks much
    better like that"

    Marleen told me : " How dare you let that ear flap away without my
    permission ?" With her thumb she pushed my protruding ear forward and
    used adhesive tape to keep my ear in that position. Now my ear was
    folded forward like a pig's ear – I knew that tape would be required,
    so I had adhesive tape in my luggage.

    Then Marleen said : "Now we can't see that protruding ear anymore."

    Yolanda said : "You didn't thank us for taping your ear, I will punish
    you for that !"

    Yolanda undressed, only leaving her lingerie on. She ordered me to
    kneel in front of her and to pull down her underwear with my teeth. I
    obeyed and then I was looking at her naked vagina. Then she ordered me
    to rub my left ear (the ear that was not taped) against her vagina.
    While I was doing this, Marleen took the tape off my right ear.
    Immediately my ear flapped away. Marleen then sat on my shoulders and
    grabbed both my ears. Now I had to use my tongue to please Yolanda's
    vagina. Marleen used my ears to organize the rhythm.

    Then it was Marleen's turn. I was on my knees in front of Marleen,
    Yolanda was sitting on my shoulders, and when Yolanda pushed against
    the back of my ears, I had to use my tongue and lick deep into
    Marleen's vagina.

    Then Yolanda grabbed my right ear, the one which sticks out, and I had
    to follow her. She ordered me to take drinks out of the mini bar in my
    hotel room and serve them on my knees. I offered them the drinks, and
    while they were drinking, Yolanda held my right ear between her thumb and
    index finger, and Marleen did the same with my left ear.

    I was still kneeling in front of the girls when Yolanda made me stand
    up by pulling my ears and she jumped on my back. She used me as a
    horse, using my ears as reins to guide me. When she pulled my right
    ear, I had to make a right turn, left ear for left turn, and when she
    used her thumbs to push against the back of both my ears so that my
    ears folded forward, I had to go in a straight line.

    After a couple of rounds around the room, it was Marleen's turn to use
    me as a horse.

    They told me that they had a friend, a 23 year old girl named Tamara,
    who had sticking out ears. They asked me whether it would be OK to
    bring her in. I agreed.

    Tamara arrived, not knowing that Yolanda and Marleen had a devilish
    plan. They asked me to play the slave again. They would tease me with
    my ears, and they and Tamara would dominate me, but they knew of
    course that Tamara would be thinking about her own flapping ears all
    the time.

    Finally Tamara arrived. She was beautiful, and immediately I saw that
    her ears stuck out of her long hair.

    We talked for a while (but not about sticky out ears) and then the
    session resumed.

    I had to play the role of a slave for sale. I remember this so well,
    even after 4 years, that I can write down the conversation :

    Yolanda : Look here, a slave for sale..
    Marleen : I need a human horse, I think I'll buy him. I need a slave
    to carry me.
    Yolanda : A horse ? Look at his ears, he's a donkey.
    Marleen : Hey, only one donkey ear, his other ear lies against his head.
    Yolanda : Tamara, why don't you try him first ? Use his ears as reins.

    (Tamara jumps on my back, and then Yolanda grabs my protruding ear and
    leads me like a horse while Tamara is still on my back)
    Suddenly Yolanda grabs the left ear of Tamara and pulls her off my back.

    Yolanda : Hey Marleen, I think that our male slave deserves a present,
    let's give this girl to him.

    (I kneel in front of Yolanda and I thank her. She pulls me up by my
    ear, and says : come on, use your new slave girl)

    Thierry : Come here, slave girl, and kneel.
    (Tamara kneels, and I grab her ears)
    Thierry : Wow, sticking out ears !

    I order her to stand up and to pull her long blond hair away from her
    ears in a pony tail.

    Thierry : Ah ! Now we can see these ears. Look here, Yolanda and Marleen,
    isn't it wonderful how these ears triumphantly flap in the wind ?

    I stand behind Tamara, push her ears against her head, and release
    them. Tamara's ears flap forward

    Yolanda and Marleen laugh : Look, Thierry, she's all red in the face,
    she blushes, she must be excited, let's check her out.
    Yolanda : Tamara take off your jeans and your underwear, show us your pussy.
    Tamara obeys, and says : thank you Mistress.
    Yolanda : Thierry, check her pussy.
    I put my finger in her vagina and I discover that it's all wet.
    Thierry : She's hot. What a hot slave girl. We should make her even
    hotter and use her Dumbo ears. She seems to like that, eh Tamara ?
    Tamara : Yes, Master
    Thierry : I can use these ears like a catapult, look here.

    I take a small piece of paper and roll it into a small ball. With my
    index finger I push Tamara's left ear against her head, then I place
    the little paper ball on the helix of the ear and I let the ear go.
    The ear flaps away from Tamara's head and catapults the paper ball far
    Yolanda laughs: Wow, what a catapult !
    Marleen : I want to try it !
    She also uses Tamara's ear as a catapult.

    Suddenly Yolanda grabs my protruding ear. Come on, follow me, she
    says. She pulls me by my ear until I reach the bed.
    Yolanda : Sit on the edge of the bed. Slave girl Tamara, come here and
    take your Master's pants off and also his underwear.
    Tamara obeys. I stand there naked, and my hard-on is in full view.
    Marleen giggles and lightly touches my penis with her hand. My penis
    becomes even harder and more erect.

    Now Yolanda orders me to sit on the edge of the bed, with my legs wide
    open. Yolanda sits behind me and plays with my ears : she pushes them
    forward, stretches them, pushes them back against my head, folds them,

    While Yolanda is sitting behind me and plays with my ears, Marleen orders
    Tamara to go on hands and knees in front of me. Marleen sits on
    Tamara's back. Marleen grabs Tamara's left ear, and uses it to guide
    Tamara's head. With her other ear, Tamara has to rub my penis. With
    the back of her ear, Tamara vigorously rubs the back of her ear
    against my balls, then against the tip of my penis. I am ready to
    come, but Yolanda and Marleen see this and yell : You may not cum, no
    orgasm !

    I was so near an orgasm, and suddenly they stop !
    Yolanda gets off the bed, and pulls me by my ear to a chair. She
    orders me to sit down. Sit there and wait, Yolanda said.

    Surprise ! They came out of the bathroom, and they were naked, and
    they all had their hair in a pony tail, showing their ears.
    The 3 girls kneel in front of me and Marleen says : Master, now we are
    your slaves, and we listen to your instructions.
    I said : all of you, pull your ears away from your head, stretch
    them as far as you can, so that you can hear your Master's voice !

    I ordered Yolanda to kneel in front of me. With tape I attached 2
    short strings to the rim of both her ears and then I pulled the other
    ends of the strings. Now both her ears folded forward. I then ordered
    her to put the other ends of the strings between her teeth.

    I laughed : Now you can't speak. I punish you because you spoke too
    much. Look here, now you hold your ears forward with those strings
    between your teeth ! Finally your ears also flap forward !

    Then I ordered Marleen to stand in front of me. I attached 2 short
    strings to the rim of both her ears and then I used tape to attach the
    other end of the strings to her tits. Every time she moved her head,
    her ears folded forward or her tits stood erect.

    Then I used tape and strings to attach spoons to Tamara's ears. I
    ordered Tamara to crawl around on hands and knees and make noises like
    a pig. Because of the weight of the spoons, Tamara's ears folded
    forward like pig's ears.

    I said : Hey, piggy girl ! Look how your ears flap like pig's ears.
    Come on, make pig noises !

    Then I ordered the girls to take off all the strings and tapes.

    I ordered Tamara to grab Yolanda's right ear, and Marleen to grab
    Yolanda's left ear.
    Thierry : Pull that slave girl by her ears and make her stand before me.

    With adhesive tape, I attached a string to the outer rim of Yolanda's
    left ear, then I put my hand on her neck and pushed downwards. I
    forced her to bend her back, she bowed, and then I attached the other
    end of the string to her left big toe. I did the same with her right
    ear and her right big toe. Now, each time she moves her feet, her ears
    will flap away from her head and she must move with bended back.

    I have heaps of ideas about "ear humiliation".

    Although I like to play the role of the Master, I also like to be the

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    Ideally, an informed Mistress (who knows about my plan with regard to
    ear humiliation) and an unsuspecting submissive would be the ideal
    partners. It would add to the excitement if the submissive is not
    informed about the ear humiliation, and ONLY be told that after the
    first session, she will be my Mistress.

    When the first session starts, the submissive will be amazed, shocked,
    because it is all about ears, but she knows that later she will
    dominate me, and I hope that she also will humiliate me with my ears.
    After the first session the submissive turned Mistress could send me
    to the receptionists who have to make fun of my ears, ride on my back
    and use my ears as reins, etc..

    But during the first session, the Mistress and I would gradually build
    up the excitement and finally the submissive would understand that it
    is all about ears.

    Although I like to play the role of the Master, I also like to be the

    My preferred humiliations :

    -A class room scene, Mistress as a teacher, another girl sitting
    behind me. The other girl says : I can't see the black board, because
    of the sticking out ear of this guy in front of me. Mistress orders me
    to push my ear back, girl behind me has a better idea : she pushes my
    protruding ear forward and uses adhesive tape to keep my ear in that
    position. After a while, the tape is taken off, and I have to rub the
    back of my sticking out ear against the tits of the girl.

    -Being offered as a donkey (a weird donkey, because this donkey only
    has one sticky out ear) to the girls, who ride on my back or on my
    shoulders and use my ears as reins

    -Generally, teasing me because of my ears

    -Ultimate humiliation : a Mistress who orders me to rub my protruding
    ear against the penis of a man. This is the ultimate humiliation. And
    then that man jumps on my back, I have to carry him, and he uses my
    ears as reins.

    Of course, later it is my turn, and the Mistresses and I use that man
    as a slave. He also has to carry me and I will use his ears as reins.
    HOPEFULLY, that man has protruding sticking out ears.
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