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    I get onto a train into NYC with a backpack with a few simple items.

    4 sections of 10f rope, 2 rolls of duct tape and a sliding letter opener and medical shears (kind that cuts clothing) and an address and a time on a sheet of paper.

    Arriving at grand central I get out and take the subway or a cab (depending on distance) and arrive at location where I am buzzed up and encounter the sub, from here I immobilize her using the items in the bag and teas her during various forms of foreplay, id use the letter opener and the shears to cut her clothing off of her. I proceed to reward her good behavior with my cock as I tape and tie her to different parts of her apartment and go threw her things interrogating her about them. The more interesting and or humiliating the information the more likely I will fuck her to a climax only to deny her an orgasm as I look for more things to dig into, of if shes good I might let her have one. after getting threw most of her stuff and having given her what she ultimately wanted at a price I will then vigorously give her my A game screw with her taped and tied in her favorite position. right before she cant hold back I pull out laugh and put on my cloths and walk out. not after tapping her mouth shut. I would go get us food from a local place down the block and bring it back up(at this point id have the key).

    with her there helpless I would make her smell the food and then take off the tape on her mouth. she would have to eat my cock before she could have any food but not after Id finish off with an A game fuck. id loosen the binds and tie her to one side of the room with the food on the other, as she struggled to cross over id inch the food a little bit closer, every time I would get close to her. if she managed to get her mouse on my cock id fuck her throat a few pumps and then nudge the food closer. if she managed to beg just right and hard enough id let her have the food. but she would be tied down with her hand tied together and in front of her. lying on her chest I would put my food on her back and eat it off of her.

    At this point I would throw her in the shower tied up (cold water) and no way for her to change it. id probably then turn up the temp and hop in and fuck her brains out as I untied her.

    at this point I kill the shower and step out, leaving her in the shower then telling her to come out to the bed. I would have her get on it and put strips of duct tape on her body and let me rip them off. depending on how well she took it I would reward her. ultimately we would end it with me putting my clothing on and re-clothing her from her dresser using whatever I felt would be good looking (Sluttiest things she owns) and then making a collar around her neck with doubled over duct tape and a rope as the leash. tying her to the bed and then just spending the night with her. she would be instructed to massage my whole body and then strip down to nothing but her slutty heals afterward and seduce me into fucking her to sleep.
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    Nice fantasy, I particularly like the pushing of the food closer to the sub :)

    Welcome back by the way :)

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