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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by pyroaquatic, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Good find. It's always good to understand the mental aspects of your sub and how actions and events mat affect them.
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    Very interesting article. My master and I both suffer from depression, albeit in slightly different ways, and so we are aware of one another's emotions and reactions constantly.
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    This is an excellent thing to hear (or read). Awareness of the others faults and all of that. Without communication in this style of relationship, things can quickly go wily. There is more than one article if you wish to read. I have read all of them.... and what I can say is that....

    to be sensitive is the most important key. To be aware of the other partners habits and idiosyncrasies. Without that how can you care for the nature of the relationship?

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    As a sufferer of depression I am giving this a bump. Very good read.
  6. Psyclapse

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    My slave suffers from clinical depression. BDSM has been a great comfort to her.

    Depressed people don't want to make decisions, they don't want to linger in their negativity, and they don't want to bring others down. They need a sense of self-worth. Slavery and obedience can help.

    I describe my slave's depression as her "burden", I tell her to picture it like an rock she has to chained around her neck from time to time. If she can still serve and obey me with this burden, she must be an exceptional slave.

    This doesn't make it any more pleasant for either of us to endure, but it does make surviving her bout of depression into a challenge, a game - something external to her spirit that just reappears from time to time.

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