A Brief Respite

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    "Take my hand."

    You hesitate slightly before obeying me and I make a mental note to remind you of it later. As we walk through the parking lot I'm pleased to note that you've learned not to question me and simply follow along.You still have much to learn, but it's a good beginning. I open the side door of the van and tell you to kneel on the floor facing the back. Following you inside I shut and lock the door, effectively
    closing out all but what little light filters through the curtains at the front.

    "Hold up your hands," I command as I move behind you. This time you respond quickly by moving your hands to shoulder level. Taking each one, I slip soft leather cuffs over your wrists and fasten them securely. Gently I pull the ropes binding them to the sides of the van until your arms are stretched shoulder height the width of the van and tie them securely. Next, I slip a blindfold snugly over your eyes, then I leave you.

    It takes less than 20 minutes to arrive at my destination. Leaving you in the van I stretch my legs and enjoy a leisurely smoke knowing your curiosity is running wild. After awhile I return to you and leaving the cuffs on your wrists I unhook the ropes releasing you momentarily and tell you to stand. Slowly, I undress you, noticing you wore the corset and stockings I'd instructed you to. Leaving only these items on you, I once more have you kneel on the floor and fasten your wrists to the ropes.

    "Do you remember your hesitation when I told you to wear the articles I was sending you?" A soft "yes", then "And your hesitation when I told you to take my hand?" Again, a soft "yes" was your reply. Though your eyes were covered I knew they were downcast as your head bent forward knowing you were in trouble. "What punishment do you think you deserve for your hesitations?" You answer with a slight quaver in your voice, "Whatever pleases you." Smiling, I'm pleased to know you've learned some of your lessons. "Perhaps some swats with my belt will be a sufficient reminder."

    I laugh softly as I see your muscles tense in the dim light. You don't like being spanked, but it's been an effective tool to my teachings. You hear the rustle of clothing as I remove my belt and open my jeans to release my already swollen cock. You offer no hesitation as I step in front of you and press my member against your lips. One hand on the back of your head, the other gripping the folded belt, I use your mouth almost forcefully as I slowly, yet firmly, administer your punishment. As the last swat falls, I cum against the back of your throat and you dutifully swallow every drop and lick me clean as I pull away.

    Kneeling in front of you I gently kiss away the few tears that have escaped the blindfold and kiss you deeply, pulling your body against mine. Instantly, your body reacts to mine and you moan softly under the passionate attack. With my hands and lips I bring you near the point of orgasm, then move away. Groaning softly in frustration you realize that your lesson for today is just beginning.

    A moment later I grasp your ankles one at a time and fasten cuffs around each. Instinctively you seem to know what I'm planning though you say nothing. Looping ropes through the rings on the cuffs I gently pull your legs from under you and tighten the ropes until you are spread-eagle, suspended, face down. Fastening the ropes I allow none of the tension to escape, keeping your arms and legs tight and wide open to whatever I desire.

    Purposely, I rattle the "toy" box I keep in the van while I find what I want. You gasp as my hands run across your back and you feel me press against the damp warmth between your legs. Reaching under you, I fondle your breasts until your nipples stand out, then quickly I slip the clamps in place and allow the light weights to swing free, a sharp intake of breath your only objection. Pressing into you, I thrust slowly back and forth until your body again seeks release, only to
    leave you frustrated once more.

    After finding the oil and butt plug, I return to you and liberally coat your ass and its dark center before working the ridged thickness deep inside you. Despite the discomfort, your body responds to the stimulus and a small gasp escapes you as I set the vibrations on low. Again, I search the "toy" box and return with a clamp and light weight which I place on your clit. Reaching beneath you I tighten the nipple clamps until you groan in protest. Moving back in front of you I push into your mouth, thrusting firmly, feeling your moans of passion on the head of my cock. Increasing the vibrations of your butt plug, I tell you that it's not time to cum, that you must wait until I tell you to.

    Pulling out of your mouth, I reach down and make sure all three clamp weights are swinging freely before stepping away. Gently, I release your legs and lower them to the floor, then release your arms. Once you are standing, I turn you and move you toward the front of the van where I bend you over a padded bar. Spreading your legs wide I cuff them to the floor, then do the same with your wrists. Once you are positioned I turn the plug vibrator on high and thrust my cock deep into your wetness. I feel your muscles tighten as you fight the climax that I've not given you permission to have.

    As my thrusts increase, the vibrations I feel through the walls of your cunt bring me to the edge as well. Grasping your hair and pulling your head back I give you the command to cum and as one we share release that is almost violent in its intensity. For several long minutes we remain as we are, simply enjoying the feel of one another. Too soon though, I release you from all your bonds and toys. It's time now to return to the world outside.

    Source and author unknown.
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