Of Rope, Stockings And You - Parts 3&4

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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 3 - The Ecstasy Of You:

    Through my lips I can feel you beginning to let go – your breath quickens, legs become tense your hands reach for the frame of the sawhorse. Another moment – perhaps two – you are so wet – your excitement is building, yearning for release. The steel frame to which you are bound seems to take on your energy as it vibrates with your passion, the cushion is warm with you – I can feel rising within you a force so strong, no ropes, no leather can contain. As it nears the surface, it is suddenly turned away by the fall of my other hand across the back of your thigh – the sting sends you reeling – you gulp in another breath, trying to let go, but as you collapse into your bonds, it escapes you – for the moment.

    In defiance, you grind your pussy into the cushion – no more gentle gyration. You are running after something for which I am not ready to give you. I reach quickly for the crop. Lost in your pursuit of release, you don’t notice my fumbling in the candlelight for the handle until it is too late. The snap of the first strike fills the room with a crisp sound surpassed only by your deep moans. I follow quickly with a second, then another. You appear to launch free from the sawhorse, only to be pulled back by the tight ropes. Nearly breathless, you scream out: “More, More!†“Please!†– I oblige your plea for the crop with a forth and then fifth – you are now so disconnected, yet so in tune at the same time – struggling against your bonds, yet in such obvious ecstasy. It is something within you that I still do not understand fully, but cherish so much. Your fire, your passion ignites mine. I step back and disappear within this scene – watching your shadow against the flickering wall – listening to your every moan – I could get so sweetly lost in this, lost in you.

    Approaching you from behind, I reach forward and pull back firmly on your hair. As if on cue, or just a deep sense of our ritual, you let out a soft sigh and open your mouth wide. The red ballgag fits firmly into your mouth – it rests between your lips as if it were home. As I buckle the leather strap behind your head, your bondage is complete. Still grasping your soft hair, I approach closer and slide slowly into you. I feel that familiar connection between us as I move my hips gently to your rhythm. You are so warm, so moist and as our pace begins to quicken, you let out a muffled moan which seems to encourage me to move still faster, reach deeper within you. I pull back a little more firmly on your hair with one hand, and begin to spank you with the other – your reaction, your movement, your moaning , your ecstasy is my guide as I push myself harder, deeper and faster within you. I release your hair and tightly pull your hips to me. I feel you building again – your moans turn to muffled screams behind the gag – you yell out in vain as I feel us moving together faster, faster and faster still. You tighten suddenly around me, your head arches off the cushion, your hands and legs strain outward against the ropes and from within you flows the release you had sought – your moans turn to gasps of ecstasy as you climax again and again – each time bringing me closer, until at last, I feel my body flush with warmth, then erupt as my knees buckle and I collapse softly on top of you – intertwined in the candlelight we catch a hold of ourselves and while you lay bound in what was, my mind now turns toward what still lies ahead….
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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 4 - The Magic Of You:

    As I stand slowly and gain my bearings, you raise your head and motion me to stay – on top of you – inside you, but I cannot – not now. There’s more left to this evening and I must stay on course. As we part, that familiar sigh, our connection broken, but that will not last. I bend down, kiss your cheek and whisper: “I’ll be right back to set you freeâ€. You gently nod in agreement – another kiss and I am back at the doorway. I turn and watch you for a moment – the beads of moisture on your skin glisten like mist in the night sky. Your hips begin again to sway in that mystical rhythm – you are amazing.

    You turn your head to greet me as I return – a smile beckons me back to your side, where I slowly untie your bonds. Starting with your ankles, I gently run my fingertips along your body after I untie each knot, punctuating frequently with soft kisses. As my fingers leave the silk of your stockings, they track the goose bumps along your skin – slowly tracing them to each wrist and at last to the buckles of your blindfold and gag – your eyes strain to focus, as if candlelight were somehow bright daylight. From the back of your neck, my kisses at last reach your mouth – our lips meet once again. Your hands at last free, they begin to roam my body – my skin tingles with your touch. I stand and take your hand to help you up from your station – as you stand, your legs are unsteady, your feet begin to buckle atop your stilettos and you fall gently into my arms. We both softly chuckle as I carry you to the bed.

    I kneel on the bed and cradle your feet in my lap. As I remove your shoes and slide my hands up your legs, you grin and move your body slowly, as if you were sinking into the bed. My hands reach your garters – I fumble to release them, like a teenager with his first bra – you giggle as I finally undo the first, then the second, third and fourth. I slide off each stocking, slowly – gently, as if unwrapping a piece of rare artwork. I move back up your legs with my lips, stopping just inside your thigh, where I give you a nibble – you wince, then moan, as I turn my attention to your pussy, but only for a fleeting moment – it’s not time yet – I have plans. My hands cup both sides of your ass – I slowly turn you over, kiss each cheek and begin to untie your corset. A soft kiss on your shoulder and a whisper: “let’s goâ€, signal you to stand – steadier now. I take your hand, ask that you close your eyes and lead you through the doorway.

    The bathroom glows with candles everywhere. I lead you to the edge of the tub and whisper for you to open your eyes. You smile as you see the bath – candles and flower petals float amongst the bubbles – a glass of Moet waits beside it. As you settle into the bath, I hear a long sigh when the bubbles and warm water surround your body. I reach over, turn on some Schubert and hand you your glass. The cold champagne meets your lips - I lean over, kiss your forehead and cup your chin in my hands. “Relax and enjoy – come back and join me when you’re readyâ€, I whisper as I turn and leave the bathroom. The door closes, you begin to close your eyes and slide further down in the bath when you notice, hanging on the hook, an outfit I left for the next chapter of my night with you…..
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