Our First Night

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    You knew I wanted you to come up, it was late - you could hear the hesitation in my voice. All the excuses that you shouldn't. But you had to. 'Watch for the headlights' you said, 'then sneak down with a blanket, I will meet you out back.'
    The highway was dark and empty as you flew to my place, the needle hovering at 160, your eyes peeled for cops.
    Your headlights lit my driveway and you watched the curtain twitch back. You closed the door quietly and headed around back.
    There I was, wrapped in a blanket, the moonlight radiant in my dark hair. You drank me in from the bottom step, gazing into my eyes. The blanket slips to reveal a bare shoulder and your heartbeat quickens. You slowly climb the stairs and take me in your arms. Our lips meet in a slow deep kiss and you moan deep in my throat. Theblanket parts and you take a sneak peek underneath.
    I lean into you, Your forehead pressed to mine as you caress your body, hands traveling from hips to breasts to neck, exploring, enjoying, reveling in the sensation of my soft skin. I slowly unbutton your shirt and run my hands up your back as the back of your knuckles brush the tips of my nipples making them even harder in the cool night air. Your belt and pants follow, and soon you are free as I. Hard and throbbing against the night. I wrap the blanket around the two of us and lower you to the deck. Kissing and nibbling at my neck, my ears, along the line of my jaw. Your breath is hot and fast against my neck. Your hands move lower and stroke the insides of my thighs. You can feel my hips arching towards your hand, wanting you to touch me. I smile and chuckle as I kiss you hard and deep, my hands continue to tease, closer and closer, but not quite there.
    Finally my hand brushes against you, and you stifle a squeak of shock and pleasure with my mouth. Slowly you touch me, feeling the heat and the wetness, a finger slides in, then out and circles around. First one, then two... deep and slow, stroking the tips curved to find the right spot... hitting it faster and faster. I clutch you to me, yourface buried in my neck to quiet the almost constant screaming moan of pleasure. The wave breaks, and I feel you shudder and pulse against me. I gaze into your eyes and you stroke my face, brushing away the tears I sobbed in pleasure, kissing you softly and holding you tight. Slowly you come back to your senses... a mischievous glint grows in your eyes and a tiny smirk.
    I push you down on your back, hands on your shoulders, my breasts brush your face, your lips, and you desperately try to capture a nipple in your mouth. I let you nuzzle briefly, before applying my mouth to your chest, exploring my way down. You moan as my breasts slide against you, erect and waiting. You feel my fingernails gently scraping the length of you. moving down to cup you. I tease you with the tip of my tongue and you arch your back, straining to be taken deeper. After what seems like forever you feel the warmth of my mouth capture you and you gasp in pleasure. I take you deeper than you thought possible and I moan in warm wet agony. You reach out to touch me and find me soaking wet... Your control breaks, the blanket slips away and you enter me from behind, thrusting deeply, hard, fast... I want that release, but I also want it to last.
    You drag back in control and pull me on top of you, tight against you and deep inside me. You frame my face with your palms as you move against me. Slowly, then faster with need. My back arches and once again you feel my pulse and shake, it takes you over the edge and lock my hips to yours as you explode. We fall together in shared pleasure, breathing heavily, totally satisfied. Long moments pass and I tuck myself into your side, the blanket wrapped around us. Quietly, in perfect happy silence we share the night, watching the stars...of our first night.
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