Of Rope, Stockings And You - Parts 5 & 6

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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 5 - The Essence Of You:

    “Relax and enjoyâ€â€¦.What was I thinking? As I lie in bed sipping Moet, every thought spins around you – your look, your touch. I make shadow puppets on the wall to pass the time, but it does nothing to quell this primal need to feel your body sliding in bed next to mine. Minutes tick by like molasses through a straw. I feel my hand slide down my thigh, then back again. As if at the last possible moment of my self control – the telltale squeak of the bathroom door. I feel a sense of relief as I hear your heels tick on the hardwood floor of the hallway. Another moment passes – the bedroom door opens and you step back into my night.

    You stand paused in the doorway – as if begging me to inspect your sensual attire. I spring from the bed and sit on the edge – any sense of being “smooth†escapes me – my anticipation of your return has taken control. I begin to scan your body head to toe, as you glide slowly toward me. Your red hair flows gently to your shoulders – the color mixes with the candlelight – it radiates the passion in your eyes, the mischief in your soft smile. My eyes continue to wander where my hands and lips soon will. The fishnet bodystocking hugs every curve, parted only by your nipples, full and waiting. Shiny brass padlocks dangle from your leather cuffs – their sound beats a sensuous rhythm – keeping time with your platforms as you draw nearer. Hanging from your leather body harness, a set of keys, which you offer into my hand as you kneel down in front of me.

    My hands flow through your hair and fall gently on your shoulders as I lean toward you and our lips meet again. I run them down your arms, cross over to your thighs and follow the track of your body harness to your breasts. I roll your nipples between my fingers - you moan softly as the pressure increases. A quick tug upward on the lead hanging from your collar signals you to stand. As you rise, my hands grasp your hips and pull you toward my mouth – eager to taste you again. You run your fingers through my hair - I glance upward and become ignited by seeing that you are watching me. I push my tongue deeper and look up again to notice that you are no longer watching – eyes closed, head arched back, you pull my face closer. My hands slide from your hips, around to your ass and in response, I pull you closer still. Your legs begin to tremble, your breath deepens and your grasp on my hair tightens as you begin to let go. A single spank punctuates your passion as you scream out and fall fully into your ecstasy. My face is wet with you – your taste fuels my desire for you. As if rehearsed, you reach back, take my hands and in fluid motion, I stand, we turn in unison and melt into the cloud that is our bed....
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    Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 6 - The Movement Of You:

    Your body slides down mine like a sensual serpent. Every square inch of me tingles as your fishnet and leather caress my skin. As I sink back into the pillows, your lips begin to move away from mine. You connect the dots with soft kisses – stopping briefly to bite my nipples – I wince with ecstasy as you sheepishly grin – a little payback. Slowly, you glide down my body using your lips, your tongue, your teeth to amplify my sense of you. When you reach my hip, your tongue begins to swirl – you know it’s my most ticklish spot. I giggle and slide my hand down to push you away - you resist and bury your face deeper into my hip, until at last I nearly spring from the bed. As if to calm my laughter, your hands slide gently up to my chest, your lips move toward my thigh. I feel the giddy tension fade, as I sink back into the bed – In one sensuous movement, your hands follow a mysterious path back down my chest and stomach, across each hip and around to my ass - I feel your hands pulling me upward as you take me into your mouth.

    With a rhythm seemingly invented by you, I can feel your warm lips stroking me – your tongue swirls at the tip, then you pause for a moment and sink back down onto me. You pull me deeper into your mouth – my breath begins to quicken. I feel myself beginning to move to your tempo – every part of my body quivers in ecstasy. One of your hands slides from behind me and grasps the base of my penis – a gentle squeeze, then it glides in tandem with your lips. Your moaning drives me wild – the wanting of me. Hearing it sends me to another world, feeling it sends me to another universe. In the faint candlelight, I see your other hand move between your legs – your fingers now keeping time with the motion of your body. Your moans deepen as your pace quickens – I feel as if my breath now flows controlled by your movement. From deep within, electricity builds – my hips sink into the bed as if being pulled from a primal force stirred up by you. Suddenly, your hand stops, your body begins to shudder, your climax strengthens the moans coming from deep within you– I can feel it running through me. Your lips take on a will of their own as you draw me still deeper, faster. I can feel the rush beginning to take me into sweet release – it moves through my body and erupts within you – my body feels as if millions of bright colorful sparks are pulsating through it – you lift your head and gasp as the last of me runs across you lips and down the side of your cheek – warm drops fall on my stomach – you take care to lick each one as if precious. My body goes sweetly numb and my breath returns as I reach down and draw you back up to where we began. When our lips meet, I am back to earth with you again.

    The champagne tastes cold in our mouths as we take respite in the afterglow. As you feed me a strawberry, you daintily flick the padlock on your cuff and ask: “When do we get to use these?”. I should not suppose you’d want to wear them simply as an accessory, so I assure you that the time is near. I point to the ceiling at the foot of our bed – you glance up and with a sexy grin, notice the length of chain hanging from the ceiling. “No time like the present” you say with “that look” in your eyes.

    I stand from the bed and take your lead in my hand – another sharp tug and you rise to meet me. A quick kiss and I walk you underneath the softly dangling chain. With instinct, you raise your hands toward the ceiling – I reach up and clip each cuff to the sparkling metal ring. I step back and watch you – watch me. I move toward the trunk and shuffle through it, looking for things to complete the look. I glance over at you and catch the time on the clock – It’s 11pm already – I wonder if you noticed me checking the time. Your eyes widen as I place each item on the bed – you bite your bottom lip, grin and take in a sharp breath as I lay our cat-o-nine across the end of the bed.

    I step behind you, your body curves to meet mine, straining against the chain. I softly kiss your neck as I reach for the blindfold and work my way up to your ear while I slide it over your eyes. My lips head down your body as I sink to my knees and attach the spreader bar between your ankles. You stumble for a moment, then gain your balance as you become comfortable standing with legs spread wide – you remember that hanging slightly on the chain keeps you steady for what lies ahead. I stand - my hands run wildly up your body – my fingertips, getting caught in your fishnet along the way. When again I reach your ear I whisper: “Open your mouth”. You comply and the stuffed leather ball fills the space within. I buckle a wide strap over the top and ensure that your moans will only be faintly heard. With my hand on your waist, I spin around to the front of you – your breath quickens, not knowing, but perhaps knowing what was to come. The sharp pinch of the clamps has you twisting against your bonds, as they find each erect nipple - the thin chain between them accentuates the one which holds you to the ceiling. You slowly relax into the sting – it becomes for you a tool of sensuality – something which continually intrigues me and turns me on so much more. Your muffled moans quiet – I reach down and feel your warm wet mound. Your head falls back as if to beg for more than a resting palm. It will not come yet.

    I walk in circles around you fixed on your movement - tuned in to your soft moaning. I dangle the whip over you and let it dance against your skin – the nine tails move in concert and tickle in the stead of torment. I step back again and catch your silhouette – an aura of candlelight radiates from your body as you sway gently underneath the chain. I lay the whip back on the bed and step behind you to caress your body once more. I kiss and nibble from your neck to your ankles, taking pause to taste you, if only for a moment. I rise back up kiss the side of your neck and whisper: “I love you”, then fade back across the room to the chaise in the corner. I settle in to the comfort of the chair and you seem wanting of the whip - which never came. You lean slightly forward and scan the room trying to remember which direction the chair lies in. As you try to tune in the sound of me, your attention is suddenly diverted from the sound of my body sinking into the chaise, to the sound of the squeaky bedroom door and the familiar click of high heels moving across the hardwood floor…..

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