Of Rope, Stockings And You: The Kiss Hello....

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    The candlelight accentuates the shimmer of your stockings, as you lie bound across the sawhorse. I stand silently in the doorway and watch, as you gently grind your hips into the red leather – your breath short from the tight corset, tighter ropes and building anticipation. You lift your head as if to scan the room , searching for signs of what lies ahead, but the leather blindfold offers your no respite from the darkness.

    The room is filled with you – the shadow of your gyrating body dances on the wall – the air is sweet with your perfume – your soft moans resonate – it is your music.

    I lean slightly forward and push off from the doorway – leaving behind our day-to-day reality and entering our precious fantasy. As I approach, your movement slows, then stops. You turn your head toward me and raise it slightly, anticipating a kiss, my lips oblige.

    As our passion deepens, I feel you settle into the ropes that bind your wrists and ankles – your stilettos click against the pedestal, keeping sensual time to the rhythm of our kiss. My fingertips glide lightly across your skin, down the small of your back, across your ass, down your thigh - stopping briefly at the top of your stocking – a slight snap of the garter is a gentle reminder of what will be – you chuckle slightly beneath my lips in giddy anticipation.

    My hand finds it’s way back again to your shoulder, then falls lightly down your arm my fingers stop again – this time to check the lock on your leather cuff and inspect the knot which secures the rope to it. At last I reach your quivering hand – it calms too as our fingers intertwine for the final moments of our long kiss hello….
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    Very nice WmaGuy!
    Will there be more?:)
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    Thank you so much! I'm never sure if people actually read these things...There will indeed be.... ;)

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