Of Rope, Stockings And You - Part 2: The Taste Of You....

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    Our lips part – as I pull away, you lean forward – seemingly chasing me for one last kiss, but the ropes are too tight and with a fleeting sigh, your head turns and nestles back into the shiny red leather. I take a step back and marvel, as I always do, at how natural, how comfortable, how beautiful you are in this secret world we share. For what seems like sweet eternity, I watch as again your hips begin to sway in a mystical rhythm – your breath making the candle close to you dance in unison.

    The squeak of the floorboard acts as a pause – all your motion stops, as you sense my movement toward you again. A soft kiss relaxes you – I hear you take a deep breath as my lips begin to flow gently down your back – a quiet moan as my tongue crosses your hip and glides down your thigh. The seam of your stocking guides me down your leg – quivering at the occasional nibble, as I make my way back up again.

    I feel myself being drawn faster up your leg – pulled by impatience and the urge to taste you. Your juices meet my lips as I run them across the cushion, searching by candlelight for your sweet reward. My tongue finds your waiting flesh and I am at home within you. Your head raises as I search deeper – you gasp, then moan as my hand plants firmly on your ass, your cuffs strain against the ropes – the sting so familiar , signals the beginning of our journey together….
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