What is your fetish?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by J-Pit, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. aughcer

    aughcer Member

    My favourites:

    pee drinking
    high heels
  2. www210985

    www210985 Active Member

    forced orgasms
  3. Dream_of_crazy

    Dream_of_crazy Active Member

    I have a lot fetish... some: corsets, skirt, bondag, anal
  4. dirty_jose

    dirty_jose Active Member

    i am a femdom guy. I love being dominated by a sexy woman.
    I don't really like pain though. I prefer things like face sitting.
  5. Slaydporn

    Slaydporn Active Member

    My favourites categories: femdom, latex, foot fetish:)
  6. Ms.Sweets

    Ms.Sweets New Member

    I really like turning on a slave with My feet, then inflicting pain with them a bit .
  7. hotman89

    hotman89 Active Member

    I love BDSM with my wife
  8. vokurka

    vokurka Active Member

    I love dirty sex with my partners.
  9. Mr.Bonito

    Mr.Bonito New Member

    Здарова фетишисты)
  10. Porno

    Porno Member

    I love feet licking pussy licking. I love sadistic girls which is beautiful, sexy or cute.
  11. TicklishBitch

    TicklishBitch New Member

    Being tied and tickle tortured <3 I've never had it done before, but now that I'm finally 18 I joined this site to try to find a mistress nearby.
  12. HeelLover

    HeelLover Active Member

    High Heels and Long Legs!
  13. rubber_doll_lips

    rubber_doll_lips New Member

    I like high heels two combined with a tight pencil/ or hobble skirt forced to hobble down the street, the sound of heels striking the ground attracting attention to bottom forced to wiggle awkardly
  14. TerabytePorn

    TerabytePorn Active Member

    Bondage is my the most favorite fetish!
  15. SmellHerBooty

    SmellHerBooty Active Member

    Big Ass in Leggings!

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